Zeiss DiNi 22 Automatic Geodetic Digital Level

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Zeiss Trimble DiNi 22 Automatic Digital Level
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* Trimble DiNi 22 Digital Level [ID- X1261]
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Zeiss Trimble DiNi 22 Digital Level
Trimble’s automatic, geodetic DiNi® digital levels are designed for ease of use and productivity, particularly when used for control or engineering applications. From general leveling work to precise deformation monitoring projects, Trimble’s DiNi levels enable you to make and record accurate vertical measurements in the minimum time.

Through innovative technology and an easy-to-use interface, the DiNi digital levels provide tools that you quickly learn and put to use in the field—saving you time and money. With the ability to record measurements in as little as three seconds, your productivity is significantly improved.

In addition, because the levels digitally read and record the data, human errors are eliminated-further reducing your costs while improving data integrity. Distance measuring capability provides a rapid means of balancing foresights and backsights on level runs, ensuring that the maximum sighting distance is not exceeded and providing higher reliability of results and optimizing the distribution of errors.

The menu-driven interface of the DiNi is clearly structured. Combined with the large graphical display and alpha-numeric point coding, it is extremely quick and easy to operate. Furthermore, the large keyboard with 22 keys ensures that you can easily operate any DiNi level in a wide range of environments.

It can often be difficult to see a large section of the staff due to terrain and other obstacles, but the DiNi gives you flexibility because it needs to "see" only 30 cm of the staff to make a measurement.

With a DiNi level it is easy to transfer data from the field to the office. The DiNi 22 uses onboard memory. Precise vertical measurements can be transferred to a wide variety of survey and design software packages including all Trimble office software packages. As well, data can be transferred and used immediately within a spreadsheet. You can forget about data transfer and conversion problems and get on with your job.

The DiNi 22 digital level is ideal for engineers working with and checking elevations. It is the economical option for all jobs that are less demanding in terms of accuracy. Standard deviations for 1 km of reciprocal leveling are 1.3 mm/km with a folding staff or 0.7 mm/km with a precise invar staff.

DiNi digital levels provide an excellent solution for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Rapid level runs to establish grade and ground profile
  • Subsidence surveys
  • Rapid level runs of railway lines
  • Carriageway/runway leveling
  • Beach or river profiling
  • Precise leveling of extremely flat surfaces

No matter what your application, Trimble DiNi digital levels are the ideal tools for the precise recording and monitoring of vertical measurements.


  • Easy to use
  • PC card memory
  • Short measuring time
  • Requires only 30 cm of staff to measure


Accuracy, DIN 18723 (electr. measurement)
Standard deviation for 1 km two-way leveling
Precise leveling rod, coded scale

Engineer’s folding staff, coded scale

0.7 mm (0.002 ft)

1.3 mm (0.004 ft)
Accuracy, distance (electr. measurement)
Tacheometer mode (±50 cm staff intercept)
Precise leveling rod, coded scale

Engineer’s folding staff, coded scale

D* 0.0005 m

D* 0.001 m
Leveling mode (0.3 m staff intercept, range 20 m)
Precise leveling rod, coded scale

Engineer’s folding staff, coded scale

25 mm (0.082 ft)

30 mm (0.098 ft)
Accuracy, angles
External graduated circle
Reading to

Estimation to

1°/1 gon

0.1°/0.1 gon
Measuring range
Electronic measurement
Precise leveling rod, coded scale

Engineer’s folding staff, coded scale

1.5–100 m (5 ft–328 ft)

1.5–100 m (5 ft–328 ft)
Visual measurement
Engineer’s folding staff, metric graduation

from 1.3 m (4 ft)
Time of measurement 2 s
Telescope magnification 26x
Tilt range ± 15'/ ±270 mgon
Setting accuracy ± 0.5"/ ±0.15 mgon
Display Four lines of 21 characters each, graphic capability
Keyboard 22 keys, screen-related soft keys (menu & dialog operation)
Measurement program
Standard Single/multiple measurement, line of levels with intermediate sightings, area leveling, setting out
Leveling methods BF, BFFB
Data memory Integrated data memory for 2200 data lines
On-line RS 232 C Interface for external connection
Power supply NiMH battery pack: 6.0 V; 1.5 Ah rechargeable, charging time with single battery charger about 2.5 hours
Fully charged battery life 1 week
Operating temperature  –20 °C to +50 °C, (–5 °F to +122 °F)
Weight (instrument only) 3.4 kg (7.5)