Trimble TSC1 Field Controller Data Collector

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Trimble TSC1 Field Controller Data Collector
- Asset Surveyor Software Version 5.00
Item ID: X2262
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Trimble TSC1 Field Controller Data Collector [ID- X2262]
         - Asset Surveyor Software Version 5.00
* Li-Ion Battery Charger w/ AC Adapter
* User Manual On CD-ROM
* Carrying Case (G)


Trimble TSC1 Survey Controller
The Trimble System Controller (TSC1) is a powerful handheld field computer with a full alpha-numeric keyboard, a 200 x 240 pixel liquid crystal display (LCD) and two serial communications ports. The TSC1 datalogger contains a proprietary processor based on the Motorola CPU32 core, capable of executing up to 20 MHz. It also has a built-in real-time clock, which is maintained when the unit is powered down.

The hand-held controller is designed and built to withstand weather extremes found in field operations. The large back-lit screen makes it easy to read even in low light. The functional alpha and numeric keypad had large buttons that provide tactile feedback even through gloved hands. A PC expansion slot lets you expand memory.

The TSC1 datalogger has 2 MB of DRAM (working memory) and 2 MB of flash disk memory for data storage, capable of storing about 35,000 GPS positions. A portion of the flash disk memory is allocated to program space, and this is where the Asset Surveyor program files, language files, and help files reside.

Size 266 mm x 116 mm x 42 mm (10.5 in x 4.6 in x 1.65 in)
Weight 844 gms (1.86 lbs)
Power <1 W
Operating temperature from –20°C to +65°C (–4°F to 150°F)
Storage temperature from –30°C to +80°C (–22°F to +176°F)
Humidity 95 % non-condensing
Casing UV-resistant plastic, resistant to wind-driven rain and dust
Memory 2 MB internal flash memory
Communications 2 x RS232 serial ports
Display 240 x 200 Graphics LCD display with backlight