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Trimble TS662 Total Station

Quick Overview

The Trimble TS662 Total Station is a rugged, feature-packed mechanical total station designed to meet the needs of concrete and general contractors performing layout and alignment for building construction.

Item ID: STKTS662
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


Trimble TS662 Total Station


Trimble TS662 Total Station

The Trimble TS662 are rugged mechanical total stations designed to meet the unique needs of surveyors and general contractors. These best-in-class instruments increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability; and give you greater control of all your projects.


TS662 Features:

Measurement accuracy that empowers you to handle every part of the job yourself
Nikon optics for clear and precise aiming
Rugged hardware that ensures reliable performance on the job site every day
Proven, easy-to-use onboard software
Efficient power usage for productive field time


Long range edm:  Trimble 600 series instruments feature an advanced DR ( non-prism ) EDM The TS662 can measure up to 500 meters without a prism while the TS 635 can measure up to 350 meters. With prism the total station can read up to 5 kilometers.


Compact size and light weight:  these are the industry’s lightest total stations without sacrificing accuracy in any way.


High accuracy absolute encoders: these total stations incorporate state of the art dual encoders for both horizontal and vertical angles which offer accuracies up to 2 sec ( TS662 ) and 5 sec ( TS635 )


Endless tangent ( lock free slow motion ): Trimble unique design helps in making targeting easy and quick for surveyors.


Triple axis compensator: No need to waste time in levelling instrument plate levels , these instruments do not have a plate level

Vertical and horizontal angles are corrected for by a dual-axis compensator that detects the tilt of the total station in two directions. In addition , a collimation function corrects the deviation of the telescope’s mechanical axis. Working together , these features offer utmost reliability with angle measurements.



These total stations are also fitted with an intensity adjustable laser. This makes centering quick, easy and accurate. It is built into the vertical axis ( alidade ) and the user can adjust the brightness to the prevailing conditions.Just touch a key and the laser plummet is switched on and the electronic bubble becomes visible.This way, the instrument is centered and levelled up in a moment.



These total stations are virtually water proof making them capable of maintaining performance under windy or rainy conditions.

Fine mud or driving rain in no deterrent for Trimble total stations , industry leading IP66 protection provides dependability under harshest of work site conditions. These instruments can work in deserts , tunnels and underground sites without any problem.



Dual onboard lithium-ion batteries provide up to 57 hours ( TS662 ) of intermittent service for less downtime due to loss of battery power. A dual socket battery charger is provided to charge two batteries in one go. The two batteries can be hot-swapped on the total station for un-interrupted working.