Trimble Trimmark 3 Base Or Rover Radio Modem 46000-44

Quick Overview

Trimble Trimmark 3 Base Or Rover 430-450 MHz Radio Modem
- 430-450 Mhz Radio
Item ID: X2505-L/T*
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Trimble Trimmark 3 Radio Modem P/N: 46000-44 [X2505-L/T* ]
         - 430-450 MHz Radio
* Trimble Dual Clip Power Cable CA-1278-09
* Antenna w/ Extension Rod & Adapter Cable 22720-10 DCA 0443
* Hard Carrying Case


Trimble Trimmark 3 Radio Modem
The TRIMMARK™ 3 radio modem provides a convenient, versatile means of establishing a robust wireless data broadcast network for real-time, high-precision GPS survey and telemetry applications. It’s a quality accessory for the Trimble Toolbox of Integrated Surveying™ Solutions.

The rugged, compact TRIMMARK 3 radio modem is designed for use in tough environments and in a variety of situations. The single unit is usable as a base station, repeater station, or rover receiver for maximum versatility. However you use it, you’ll appreciate its simplicity and famous Trimble reliability and quality.

Select the power you need
The TRIMMARK 3 radio modem provides selectable power outputs of 2, 10, or 25 Watts to support both shortand long-range operations, conserve battery life and minimize risk of interference with other systems.

A 25W base unit broadcasts up to 15 km (8 miles) line-of-sight, under optimal conditions. Path obstructions and terrain can reduce the typical effective range to 10 to 12 km (6 to 7 miles). One or two additional units can be networked as repeater stations to extend range, minimize base station moves, and provide seamless coverage around local obstacles such as large buildings or hills. The typical range of a 2W repeater is 5 to 8 km (3 to 5 miles).

A TRIMMARK 3 radio modem broadcasts or repeats data to Trimble survey-grade GPS receivers, such as the Trimble 4700 or 4800, that either contain an internal radio modem or are being used with a TRIMMARK rover. The TRIMMARK 3 is fully backward compatible with the TRIMMARK IIe radio modem, so it can be used in both new and existing systems.

Conifgure it to your needs
The TRIMMARK 3 radio modem can be configured completely and easily in the office by using the supplied WinFLASH utility on your computer. Many functions also can be configured in the field from the front panel or from the Trimble Survey Controller™ software used with your GPS survey receivers. The serial port communication settings are easily set to match the default settings on the GPS receiver.

You can configure each broadcast network to operate on one of up to 20 programmed channels via a built-in channel selector. Channel spacing of either 12.5 or 25 kHz is programmable at the factory or by a service provider.

To reduce the risk of interference in a congested RF environment, you can use the built-in audio speaker to monitor activity on the selected channel. The unit also can automatically monitor the channel using its softwareselectable carrier detect function to detect other users on the channel before transmitting.

The TRIMMARK 3 radio modem is available as a stand-alone product as well as in convenient base and repeater equipment sets. Available in three frequency bands, the TRIMMARK 3 radio modem is designed to meet the licensing requirements of many countries around the world.

  • Selectable 20-channel capacity
  • Rugged weatherproof construction
  • Configurable from front panel, survey controller, or from supplied WinFLASH utility on your computer
  • Up to 15 km line-of-sight range
  • Same unit can function as base station, repeater station, or rover receiver
  • Selectable power outputs of 2W, 10W, or 25W
  • Programmable channel spacing of 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz
  • Built-in channel selector
  • Supports up to two repeaters in a network
  • 9600 baud data rate output
  • Retrievable/storable radio diagnostic information
Size: 12.5cm W x 22.9cm D x 7.9cm H (4.9" W x 9.0" D x 3.1" H)
Weight: 1.59 kg (3.5 lbs.)
Power: Input: 12 to 16 VDC, nominal

2-pin LEMO (+VDC, GND)
7-pin female LEMO (supports RXD, TXD and SGND)
TNC female
Temperature Operating: –40° to +65° C (–40° to +149° F)
Storage: –55° to +75° C (–67° to +167° F)
Humidity 100%, fully sealed, weatherproof
Transmit Power
2W, 10W, 25W
Wireless Data Rate 4800, 9600 bps
Frequency Bands 410–420 MHz, 430–450 MHz, or 450–470 MHz. (Only one band per radio modem)
Channel Spacing 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz. (Only one spacing per radio modem)
Number of Channels Can be ordered with up to 20 programmed frequencies, internally stored.
RF Modulation Format Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK)
Range (typical) 25-Watt Base: 10 to 12 km (6–7 miles)
2-Watt Repeater: 5–8 km (3–5 miles
Power Consumption
2-Watt Mode:
  • Voltage: 12.6
  • Current: 0.8 Amp
  • Nominal Load: ~10 Watts
10-Watt Mode:
  • Voltage: 12.6
  • Current: 3.6 Amps
  • Nominal Load: ~45 Watts
25-Watt Mode:
  • Voltage: 12.6
  • Current: 6.0 Amps
  • Nominal Load: ~75 Watts