Trimble NetR5 GNSS GPS GLONASS Reference Station Receiver

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Trimble NetR5 GNSS GPS GLONASS Reference Station Receiver
Item ID: X2811
Condition: Refurbished
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* Trimble NetR5 GNSS Reference Station w/ Options... [ID- X2811]
          -CMR Inputs
          -CMR Outputs
          -RTCM Inputs
          -RTCM Outputs
          -Binary Outputs
          -Data Logging
          -Enable GLONASS
          -Enable Webserver
          -Enable USB Hard Drive
          -Hardware Version: 0.0
          -Firmware Option
          -RTK Range Limit: 0
          -Downgrade Limit 310
          -Max Data Rate 20Hz
          -Extended Receiver ID NetR5
          -Software Version: 4.48
          -Boot Version: 4.18
* Trimble Multi-Port Adapter
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord
* RS232 PC Interface Cable
* User Manual On CD-ROM
* Carrying Case (G)


Trimble NetR5 GNSS Reference Station
The Trimble® NetR5™ Reference Station is a multi-channel, multi-frequency GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver designed for use as a stand-alone reference station or as part of a GNSS infrastructure solution.

Trimble® R-Track™ technology in the NetR5 receiver supports the modernized GPS L2C and L5 signals as well as GLONASS L1/L2 signals. This extensive GNSS support is capable of providing users with real field benefits.

With the world’s GNSS in constant development, surveying businesses small and large can be confident in the results achieved using a Trimble solution. Trimble, already proven in GPS technology, will continue to lead the industry in GNSS support. And this will protect your investment in the Trimble NetR5 for many years to come.

The Trimble NetR5 is ideal for many different purposes In the field it’s rugged and lightweight, and consumes very little power due to its purpose-built ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) platform The NetR5 can operate up to 15 hours in tough conditions on a single charge It is also easy for any user to configure via its simple front panel; a software interface is not required The front panel also enables you to quickly check the receiver’s status.

Collect, store, and transfer large amounts of data easily and conveniently via the NetR5 receiver’s limitless expandable memory The receiver supports USB devices such as memory sticks as well as external hard drives. The Trimble NetR5 also offers “FTP Push”, which is a function that automatically and securely uploads data files, and which removes the need for manually copying receiver files for significant time savings. The receiver can also function as an FTP server for those wanting to retrieve files manually. The receiver has an internal battery (~15 hours) which will act as backup in case of any external power failures.

The Trimble NetR5 works seamlessly with Trimble’s infrastructure software Trimble® GPSBase™ and Trimble® GPSNet™. Additionally, the software has security options to restrict access to only those who are permitted. The software is available in eight languages, allowing most users to control the receiver in their language of choice.

Trimble® GNSS Infrastructure is the most established and widely used GNSS infrastructure solution available. Additionally, all components of Trimble GNSS infrastructure—including the Trimble NetR5 reference station—are designed to work together. This means the solution is scalable; that is, it will grow with you as your business needs change. And the solution is part of Trimble’s Connected Survey Site model, where products, techniques, services, and relationships combine to take your business to unprecedented levels of achievement.

  • Proven GNSS technology from Trimble
  • Automatic and secure file upload
  • External memory options for greater data storage
  • Designed to optimally support the Trimble GNSS infrastructure solution
  • Rugged, lightweight, and power efficient

Performance Specifications • Trimble R-Track technology
• Advanced Trimble Maxwell™ Custom Survey GNSS Chip
• High precision multiple correlator for GNSS pseudorange measurements
• Unfiltered, unsmoothed pseudorange measurements data for low noise, low multipath error, low time domain correlation and high dynamic response
• Very low noise GNSS carrier phase measurements with <1 mm precision in a 1 Hz bandwidth
• Signal-to-Noise ratios reported in dB-Hz
• Proven Trimble low elevation tracking technology
• 76 Channels:
– GPS L1 C/A Code, L2C, L1/L2/L51 Full Cycle Carrier
– GLONASS L1 C/A Code, L1 P Code, L2 P Code, L1/L2 Full Cycle Carrier
Data storage
Internal memory
59 MB (1620 hours) of raw data observables based on recording data from 6 satellites at 15 sec epoch intervals
External memory Support for USB memory stick and USB hard drives allowing several hundred GB to be stored for applications requiring more memory
Code differential GPS positioning
±0.25 m + 1 ppm RMS
±0.50 m + 1 ppm RMS
WAAS differential positioning accuracy typically <5 m 3DRMS
Static and FastStatic Gps Surveying
±5 mm + 0.5 ppm RMS
Vertical ±5 mm + 1 ppm RMS
Kinematic surveying
(Available only when used as a rover integrity receiver in the GPSNet software)
Horizontal ±10 mm + 1 ppm RMS
±20 mm + 1 ppm RMS
Initialization time typically <10 seconds
Initialization reliability typically >99 9%
Electrical • 10.5 V to 28 V DC input power range on lemo port with over voltage protection
• 9.5 V to 28 V DC input on 26 pin D sub connector with over voltage protection
• Integrated internal battery 7.4 V, 7800 mA-hr, Li-Ion 15 hours of continuous operation
• Internal battery operates as a UPS in the event of power source outage
• Internal battery will charge from external power source when input voltage is >15 V
• Integrated charging circuitry
Power Consumption
Power 4.8 W average
24 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm (9.4 in x 4.7 in x 1.9 in) including connectors
1 55 kg (3 42 lb) receiver with internal battery
Regulatory Compliance
FCC Part 15 (Class B Device), CE mark, C-tick Industry Canada ICES-003, RSS-210, RSS-Gen, RSS-310
Operating temperature –40 °C to +65 °C (–40 °F to +149 °F)
Storage temperature –40 °C to +80 °C (–40 °F to +176 °F)
Humidity MIL-STD 810F, Method 507.4
Operating: 10 Hz to 300 Hz 0.04 g2/Hz, 300 Hz to 1000 Hz -6dB/octave
Survival: 75g, 6ms, Non-operating: survives 1 m drop onto hard surface
• Waterproof to IP67 for submission to depth of 1 m (3.28 ft)
• Fully sealed from sand, dust and moisture
Communication • NTRIP server, client and caster functionality
• 1 LAN port:
– 1 port with RJ45 connector supports links to 10BaseT/100BaseT networks
– All functions are performed through a single IP address simultaneously— including web GUI access, FTP file transfer, and raw data streaming
• 3 RS232 ports6:
– One or more serial ports can be used simultaneously for local CMR or RTCM correction transmission or a remote PPP dial-up through a modem supporting all the same functions that are available through the 10BaseT/100BaseT port
• Bluetooth® port7:
– Multiple Bluetooth connections are supported to configure the receiver over PPP
• 1 USB port:
– Allows the connection of external USB memory sticks or hard drives for increased data storage
• Security features:
– Client authentication for datastreams
– Configurable ethernet ports for HTTP, and FTP
– WebGUI access can be password protected with variable security settings
– Email client for alarming and notification of various receiver parameters
Positioning and Outputs
• 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz and 20 Hz positioning, internal/external logging and data streaming outputs
• RT-17/RT-27 outputs
• CMR, CMR+, BINEX and RTCM 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0 outputs
HTML web browser
Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, Firefox 1.50 or later