Trimble NavController II AgGPS Autopilot Steering System

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Trimble AgGPS NavController II Autopilot System w/ AG25 GNSS Antenna & FmX GPS Integrated Display
- Serviced By A Trimble Certified Service Center
Item ID: X1721
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Trimble AgGPS NavController II P/N: 55563-00 [ID- X1721]
         - Loaded For Autopilot Applications
         - Loaded Firmware Version 12.50
         - Serviced By A Trimble Certified Service Center
* Trimble AG25 GNSS Antenna [ID- X1722]
* Trimble FmX GPS Integrated Display [ID- X1720]
         - 900 MHz Internal Radio
* Trimble 50449 Rev E1 Cable Reel
* Trimble 75741 Cable
* Trimble 66694 Power Cable
* Trimble 67258 Cable
* Trimble Navigation 72122 GBR-20-240-T1-A
* Trimble Navigation 22882-10 Antenna Kit
* QTY. 2 Trimble Brackets


Trimble AgGPS Autopilot System
The Trimble® Autopilot™ automated steering system provides integrated, high-accuracy steering in any field type—hands free. The Autopilot system automatically steers your vehicle on line for maximum precision and increased productivity in the most demanding row crop farming applications.

Enhance your farming performance and operate at higher efficiency by using the Autopilot system, and stay on line, all the time. When your vehicle is offline, the Autopilot system signals it to adjust its position to follow the correct path— no matter the field pattern or terrain type—so you can focus on the job ahead of you.

Clutter-Free Installation
The Autopilot system integrates directly into your vehicle's hydraulics, allowing you to obtain clear access to cab controls. It also plugs in to many guidance-ready vehicles, minimizing the need for additional equipment.

Increased Productivity
With maximum precision and speeds up to 30 mph (40 kph), the Autopilot system can help you complete field operations quickly and efficiently.

Risk-free Farming
The Autopilot system takes the hassle out of farming. With its hands-free steering, the Autopilot system allows you to reduce fatigue and focus on other farming tasks to improve safety on your farm.

Display Compatibility
Use the Trimble TMX-2050™ display, FmX® integrated display, or CFX-750™ display as the control system for the Autopilot automated steering system and benefit from the highest levels of accuracy.

Improved Control Of Your Implement Or Harvester
The Autopilot system also helps you accurately guide your implement or harvester on the correct guidance line.

  • TrueGuide™ implement guidance system to signal your tractor to pull your implement on the correct path.
  • TrueTracker™ implement steering system to keep your implement and tractor on the same guidance line.
  • RG-100 row guidance to center your combine on rows—even when the rows are not straight.

Supports A Variety Of Vehicle Types

  • Tractors
  • Articulated tractors
  • Spreaders
  • Floaters
  • Tracked vehicles
  • Self-propelled sprayers
  • Combines
  • Swathers
  • Forage harvesters
  • Windrowers