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Trimble LM80 Layout Manager

Quick Overview

A common user interface and specialized software make the LM80 blueprint layout manager a revolutionary tool and the heart of The Connected Construction Site. 

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* Trimble LM80 Layout Manager


Trimble LM80 layout manager

Trimble building construction positioning solutions give contractors more control of their job sites... allowing significant improvements in construction accuracy and productivity. The pocket-sized Trimble® LM80 Layout Manager lets you carry, manage, work with, and lay out your job site blueprint. This convenience, combined with the power of wireless communication for design updates, a common user interface and specialized software make the LM80 a revolutionary tool and the heart of The Connected Construction Site.


By connecting your office and job site through wireless data transfer, design updates can flow between field and office in real time. Jobs can be created and maintained by someone in the main office and emailed to various sites. Daily layout progress can be monitored. Every question can be answered instantly. Every decision is an informed one… the bottom line is greater control, cost savings and maximized productivity.

Using the Trimble LM80 Layout Manager with a Trimble Construction Total Station and the LM80 Desktop software - you can:

  • Take CAD designs or BIM data into the field.
  • Lay out complex concrete forms or anchor bolts from any location by referencing any two known points.
  • Lay out control points and offset hubs faster and more cost-effectively. Work on your schedule.
  • Lay out all lines from one reference location with no string lines, transits or theodolites.
  • Make minor adjustments to the building position as needed without waiting or paying subcontractor fees.
  • Check the work of others and create documentation for change orders when necessary. Direct Reflex capabilities make as-built checks a one-person job.
  • Lay out control lines for subcontractors faster and more accurately than with tapes and theodolites.
  • Easily collect topographical data and import it into third-party software for elevation and cut and fill analysis.