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Trimble Geodimeter CU Control Unit For 5600 Series Total Stations

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Trimble Geodimeter CU Control Unit For 5600 Series Total Stations
Item ID: X3014-L/T*
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Trimble Geodimeter CU ALPHA 571242810 [ID- X3014-L/T*]


Trimble Geodimeter CU Control Unit

The CU is available in an alphanumeric version.The alphanumeric control unit simplifies the entering of point codes and basic editing by having all alpha characters on separate keys. The alphanumeric control unit consists of 33 keys: the numerals 0-9, letters A-Z, and control keys. The control keys comprise the choice of functions 0-126, choice of menu, choice of program and choice of measurement mode, together with clear and enter functions.The control unit is more than just a keyboard, it also contains the internal memory as well as any of the softwares that are available.

Detachable Control Unit
The control unit is detachable and this makes it very easy for the user to transfer data. Simply detach the control unit after a survey and bring it to the office (itís very handy and fits in a normal size pocket). Attach the control unit to a computer using the multi functional cable. Run Program 54 or TerramodelÆ Field Data Module to transfer data between the units.

Assigned Control Units
In a surveying team each member can have his/her own control unit with his/her own setups, software and internal memory. This means that any operator can attach his/her assigned control unit to any Trimble System 5600 and get it to work with His/her specific U.D.Sís and setups.

Additional Control Units
With System 5600 you can work with two control units attached at the same time: one at the back of the instrument that serves as a master control unit and one at the front that serves as a slave unit. Having two control units attached at the same time can be useful having in mind that they also contain internal memories.

The Display
The Geodimeter CU has a four-row Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) where each row contains 20 characters. Both alpha and numerical characters can be displayed. Black images on a bright background make the display easy to read. The display has illumination and adjustable viewing angle for good readability under all conditions. The first row displays the measurement mode, program choice, clock, indication of returned signal (*) and battery condition ( ).

If an offset or a prism offset has been set this will be indicated by (!) between the hour and the minute in the clock. Alpha-numeric keyboard also display if alpha mode α, shift (^) or lower case (1) is activated. The second to fourth rows display the respective labels and values of measurement. Each display table consist of a series of ìpagesî which can be ìturnedî with the ENT-key.