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Trimble CB460 Grade Display Control Box For GCS900 CCS900

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Trimble CB460 Control Box Display
- This Unit Does Not Have Any Active Options Or Software
- Serviced By A Trimble Authorized Service Center
Item ID: -X1897
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Trimble CB460 Control Box P/N: 87600-00 [ID- X1897]
          - This Unit Does Not Have Any Active Options Or Software
          - Serviced By A Trimble Authorized Service Center


Trimbel CB460 Control Box

The Trimble Heavy and Highway Division is pleased to announce the release of the Trimble® CB460 Control Box.

Designed for use with the Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System and CCS900 Compaction Control System, the rugged new LCD display offers several benefits for operators running in 2D or 3D mode.

The Trimble CB460 Control Box is the new premium display for the Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System and the Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System portfolio. It is the replacement for the Trimble CB430 Control Box, which is being discontinued for those applications.

Enhanced Operator Experience on all GCS900 Machine Types
The new Trimble CB460 enhances the operator experience with a large 7” screen display of 3D profile information, grade guidance, and warnings – that is the same size as the older CB430 Control Box and 61% larger than the CB450 Control Box. While maintaining the same display size, the total size of the unit housing is smaller than the Trimble CB430 Control Box, allowing more flexibility with mounting in tight spaces.

Adjustable brightness capability and viewing angle accommodate different operational lighting conditions, while reducing operator fatigue and errors.

The CB460 uses icons for the main guidance softkeys instead of text strings previously used in the Trimble CB430 display. Softkeys are now easier to read and provide a more modern interface for the user.

Four integrated LED lightbars make it simple to monitor grade guidance information while also viewing conditions on the site. The CB460 can also be supplemented with external lightbars.

Create New Designs and Apply the Desired Coordinate System in the Field
Using the CB460, an operator can create new designs (level, slope or map) on the display and define what coordinate system to use with this new design, either the last used coordinate system, a coordinate system located on the displays storage disk or a new coordinate system based on the current location.

This in-field functionality offers several benefits, including:

  • The ability to keep horizontal and vertical positions consistent at each site when using designs generated in the field.
  • The ability to select which coordinate system to apply. Having the wrong coordinate system loaded even when creating new designs has the potential of giving bad guidance.
  • The ability to create infield designs including infield coordinate system definition for use on sites that do not yet have a defined coordinate system

Data Transfer via USB memory stick
The CB460 utilizes internal memory for storing designs, machine files and machine production information. Using any USB memory stick, the user can easily load design files and firmware to the control box, download machine production files and load firmware to the control box. File transfer and archiving rules prevent operators from accidently deleting or overwriting files on the CB460.

USB data transfer also increases compatibility with Trimble Site Positioning System controllers which also have USB ports. This allows for easy data exchange between surveyors, grade checkers, site supervisors and machine operators – e.g. data can be synchronized to a site supervisor who can then rapidly deploy or retrieve data from a Trimble Tablet or TSC3 to or from the machine control system using a USB stick.

Flexible Upgrade Options Make it Easy to Order the Right Level of Functionality
Trimble CB460 Control Box can be configured for different functionality levels, based on the requirements of the customer. Trimble CB460 Control Box requires activation with option keys to enable desired 2D or 3D functionality.

In general, the following functionality levels are available through the Trimble Store:

  • 2D indicate plus Automatics
  • 3D Indicate (includes 2D indicate + Automatics)
  • 3D Automatics (includes 3D indicate)

In the past, options keys were distributed via email and/or paper copy after purchasing a particular option code. Trimble has streamlined the order and retrieval process for the CB460 to provide users access to these 24-digit keys through the Trimble Store. This new process follows the existing order workflow for configuring Trimble SPS GNSS receivers and can increase dealer flexibility to manage inventory.

It is thus easier for a dealer to stock “defeatured” Trimble CB460 Control Box and always have the model that the customers wants in stock, with a reduced carrying cost

Once the order is booked, the ability to generate the control box key can then be accessed through the Trimble Store Passcodes location. Simply input the device serial number through the store to receive the option key for that device. A paper copy providing this key will no longer be shipped out to the user.

Trimble CB460 and CB450 Control Boxes Side by Side
Both the Trimble CB460 and CB450 Control Boxes offer precise guidance for all Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System machine types in 2D and 3D operations. Even though they look similar, each offers a set of distinct advantages to the user.

Trimble CB460 Key Features:

  • Large, easy-to-read 7”screen
  • Support for internal or external lightbars
  • Adjustable brightness
  • USB data port
  • 3.7GB of internal disk space
  • Ability to create new designs in the field and select which coordinate system to apply
  • Flexible upgrade options that allow a user to purchase the exact functionality they need

Trimble CB460 vs CB450 Comparison Chart:

Feature CB450 Control Box CB460 Control Box
Screen size 4.3” color LCD 7.0” color LCD
Screen resolution 480x272 800x480
Internal lightbars Yes Yes
Support for external lightbars No Yes
Internal Memory 450 MB 3.7 GB
USB Yes Yes
Serial ports Two Three