Trimble SPS930 DR 300+ Plus 1" / 1 Robotic Total Station

Quick Overview

Trimble SPS930 DR 300+ Plus 1-inch / 1 Sec High Precision Robotic Total Station
- Robotic
- Bluetooth
- 2.4 GHz Radio
Item ID: X2431-L/T*
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Trimble SPS930 DR 300+ Plus Total Station [ID- X2431-L/T*]
         - Robotic
         - 2.4 GHz Radio
         - Bluetooth
* Antenna
* Trimble 73836019 Dual Clip Power Cable
* Trimble 57013007 Laser Adjustment Plate
* Trimble 50013001 Rain lens Cover
* Rain Cover For Unit
* Trimble Battery Charger
* Battery Pack
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord
* User Manual On CD-0ROM
* Hard Carrying Case


Trimble SPS930 DR Plus Universal Total Station
The Trimble® SPS930 Universal Total Station can tackle any measurement, stakeout or machine control task on the job site— all from the same instrument. Universal Total Stations are packed with market leading features such as:
  • Long life integrated batteries for a full day of interrupted work
  • Bluetooth for cable free operation
  • Intuitive SCS900 Site Controller Software
These features make the Universal Total Stations easy to use for all your jobsite needs. No matter what job you are doing, SPS total stations will deliver unmatched user experience, all round capability and incredible results.

DR Plus Long-Range Reflectorless Measurement
The DR Plus™ long-range reflectorless measurement capability allows you to measure hard-to-reach or unsafe places up to 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) away. There is no need to walk the surface with a target, so you’ll increase productivity and safety when measuring stockpiles, profiling cuttings and rock faces.

Trimble MultiTrack Technology
Trimble MultiTrack™ technology locks on and tracks passive prisms for monitoring or control measurements and active targets for dynamic measurement, stakeout and grade control. Active targets guarantee lock to the correct target, especially in dusty construction site conditions. Up to 16 unique channels of target identification can be used to differentiate survey crews and grade checkers from machines eliminating down time caused by unnecessary interference.

Unmatched Dynamic Positioning
Trimble’s patented MagDrive™ servo technology utilizes magnetic levitation to eliminate friction. Fast response time and fast servos allow the instrument to change direction, and track more reliably. Trimble Universal Total Stations can provide highly accurate machine guidance for excavation, grading, compaction, milling, and paving projects. Using the same Trimble total station, your machines can work to tight construction tolerances, save expensive materials, avoid rework and get to grade faster.

Horizontal Accuracy
Standard deviation based on DIN 18723

1” 0.3 mgon
Vertical Accuracy
Standard deviation based on DIN 18723

1” 0.3 mgon
Angle Reading (least count)
Standard mode
Tracking mode

1” (0.3 mgon)
2” (0.6 mgon)
Dual-axis compensator ±6’ (±100 mgon)
Prism Mode
Standard mode
Tracking mode *1*

±(2 mm + 2 ppm) ±(0.0065 ft + 2 ppm)
±(4 mm + 2 ppm) ±(0.013 ft + 2 ppm)
Synchronized angle and distance measurements Yes
Position update rate Up to 20Hz
DR Reflectorless Mode
Standard mode
Scanning mode

±(2 mm + 2 ppm) ±(0.0065 ft + 2 ppm)
±(4 mm + 2 ppm) ±(0.013 ft + 2 ppm)
Prism Mode (under clear conditions *2* *3*)
1 prism
1 prism (long range mode)

2,500 m (8,202 ft)
5,500 m (18,044 ft)
DR Reflectorless Mode *4*
Kodak Gray Card (18% reflective)
Kodak Gray Card (90% reflective)

>600 m (1969 ft)
>1300 m (4265 ft)
Servo system
MagDrive servo technology, integrated servo/angle sensor, electromagnetic direct drive
Rotation speed 115 degrees/sec (128 gon/sec)
Clamps and slow motions Servo-driven, endless fine adjustment
Positioning speed 180 degrees (200 gon) 3.2 sec
Magnification 30x
Field of view 2.6 m at 100 m (8.5 ft at 328 ft)
Shortest focusing distance 1.5 m (4.92 ft) – infinity
Illuminated crosshair Variable (10 steps)
Internal battery
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 11.1 V, 4.4 Ah
Operating time *5*
Approximately 6 hours on one internal battery
Instrument with internal battery 5.25 kg (11.57 lb)
Range *2*
700 m (2,297 ft)
Shortest search distance 0.2 m (0.65 ft)
Range to target (MT900)*1* *2* *3* 700 m (2,297 ft)
Search time (typical) *6* 2-10 s
Search area 360 degrees (400 gon) or defined horizontal and vertical search window
Maximum velocity of target
Radial speed
Axial speed

6 m/s
Data output
20 Hz
± 1 ms
Latency over radio 40 ms
Synchronized measurement data
<1 ms
Number of Target ID channels 16

*1* The accuracy statement is valid for a static target or a target moving at constant speed. During acceleration or deceleration, or a target moving with high speed >15 kph (9.3 mph) the accuracy will decrease.
*2* Standard clear: No haze. Overcast or moderate sunlight with very light heat shimmer.
*3* Range and accuracy depend on atmospheric conditions, size of prisms and background radiation.
*4* Kodak Gray Card, number E1527795
*5* The capacity at -20 °C (-5 °F) is 75% of the capacity at +20 °C (68 °F).
*6* Dependent on selected size of search window.