Topcon System 350 Precision Control System AGA4477 X30 AGI-3

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Topcon System 350 Precision Control System
- Serviced By A Topcon Authorized Service Center
Item ID: X1875 X1874
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* Topcon AGA4477 X30 Display [ID- X1875]
         - Serviced By A Topcon Authorized Service Center
* Topcon AGI-3 Receiver/Steering Controller [ID- X1874]
         - Serviced By A Topcon Authorized Service Center
* Topcon AGA5072 Harness
* Topcon AGA4219 Adapter Harness
* RAM Mount RAM-235U
* RAM Mount RAM-201U
* Hard Carrying Case (G)


Topcon System 350 Precision Ag Control System

Simple set up Operator friendly. Easy to upgrade as your farming needs grow.
System 350 brings state-of-the-art power to your agricultural operations. Featuring simple and flexible software, the X30 console provides a versatile work platform with features to improve farm management, increase efficiency, and enhance machine capabilities.

Visual interaction with your System 350. Specifically designed for farming operations and the technical needs of today’s farmers.
The X30 features a large 12.1” multi-touch screen with sharp, high-resolution graphics easily readable in bright sunlight. The thin-profile console runs on a powerful 1.6 GHz processor with ample memory (up to 32 GB). With an IP67 rating, the rugged X30 is built to withstand the harshest farming conditions including rain and dust.

System 350 Autosteering
Autosteering eases operator fatigue, reduces machine wear-and-tear, and reduces overlap and input costs. Allows 24/7 operation regardless of environmental conditions.
  • Single piece design integrates steering controller with guidance and positioning for reduced cab clutter.
  • AGI-3 multi-constellation, integrated receiver/steering controller provides high-accuracy autosteering with direct interface for steer ready tractors. Easy to upgrade to RTK or CORS with snap in module.
The X30 guidance screen combines views of autosteering settings, dashboard, and multiple product control. Industry standard steering patterns; straight (A-B), identical curve, adaptive curve, and center pivot allow you to work with virtually any field shape. Integrated lightbar provides easy offline reference at a glance.

Application and Rate Controls
X30 controllers include spraying, spreading, or planting. and feature innovative efficiency tools such as virtual switchbox, channel-based pressure control, and auto coverage to help ensure no gaps or overlap.
  • Variable rate control for up to 8 products/channels
  • Up to 32-channel autosection control with ISO interface for sprayers and planters.
  • The ASC-10 provides 10-channel sprayer, planter, or spreader autosection control with liquid rate control for up to 8 products.
Enhanced Data Management
The X30 provides multiple input/output features for maximum data use. Client / Farm / Field / Job menu lets you save multiple fields and tasks for different farms, then create detailed reports for data tracking and multi-year analysis. Data features include:

  • Job reports exportable as convenient pdf files
  • Coverage logging, and exportable as-applied maps with flag points
  • Imports shapefiles & ISOXML prescription maps
  • Calculates covered and remaining areas
  • Auto Field Recognition for easy field identification and job loading
  • Virtual ISO terminal (VT) interfaces with common controllers and implement ECU’s.
User Definable Interface
Provides a wealth of control and display options for simplicity and flexibilty with feedback at a glance from multiple sensors throughout your machine. For easy navigation, the user never leaves the “home page” - it’s always in view.

Advanced X30 setup wizard
Provides simple icon based setup control. Intuitive step-by-step navigation guides you through setting up controllers, vehicles, and implements. Use pre-configured profiles or build and store specialized profiles with sizes and dynamic options for your equipment.

AGI-3 Receiver and Steering Controller
A complete steering solution with fully integrated inertial sensors, the AGI-3 features full terrain compensation plus superior line acquisition and holding capabilities. AGI-3 steering control options include AES-25 electric steering, hydraulic, or direct-interface with steer-ready vehicles.

To achieve the highest accuracies, simply snap in the upgrade module for RTK performance with 900 mHz, Digital UHF, or GSM options. Compatible with Topcon base stations, GSM and CORS networks.

The AGI-3 receiver features Topcon’s Paradigm G3 multi-constellation receiver chip and receives signals from all available satellites. More satellites means improved accuracy, better reception around hills and trees, and 24/7 round-the-clock operation.

ISO Virtual Terminal (VT) Capable
The X30 virtual terminal supports industry standard ISO11783 plug-and-play operation for direct control of major planter monitors and planter, seeder and sprayer controllers. The VT operates in parallel with X30 32-section autosection control.

  • Icon-based, user definable, multi-touch screen
  • Variable Rate Control (VRC) simultaneous control for up to 8 products
  • Autosection Control up to 32 sections with ISO
  • High-accuracy autosteering
  • On-screen coverage and as-applied mapping
  • ISO Virtual Terminal (VT) capable

X30 Console Specifications:
dimensions 12.9” x 10.6” x 2.2” 328 x 268 x 55 mm
weight 3.86 lbs, 1.75 kg
mounting RAM mounting system
operating temp -22˚ to +140˚F, -30˚ to +60˚C
storage temp. -40˚ to +167˚F, -40˚ to +75˚C
rainproof IP67 (EN60529:1992)
input 9V - 36V (voltage & polarity protected)
N-MH internal batteries (2000mA/hr., 7.2V)
Display 12.1” (31cm) 1024 x 768 LVDS RGB
Projected capacitive touchscreen
1000 cd/m2 LED backlight
Operating System Intel chipset, 1.6GHz processor
4GB compact flash (up to 32GB optional)
COM-Express System-on-Module (SOM)
Ports 4 USB 2.0, all bootable, 500mA 1 side & 1 rear, 2 harnessed
4 RS-232 serial 1ea. RX/TX/CTS/RTS/GND 3ea. RX/TX/GND only
1 RJ45 Ethernet 100 Base-T, 100 Mbps, rear
4 CANBUS (ISO11783 compliant)
4 channel digital I/O
1 channel analog in
Bluetooth® module
External power switch (soft switch)
2 linked RGB diagnostic LED’s, case front
ambient light sensor, case front
Audio internal and external 2W mono
external stereo headphone jack
Topcon X30 Interface operates in 24 languages English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish