Topcon IS-203 Robotic Imaging Total Station

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Topcon IS-203 3-inch Robotic Imaging Total Station
- 2.4 GHz Radio
- Calibrated By A Topcon Authorized Service Center
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* Topcon IS-203 3" Robotic Imaging Total Station [ID- X2560-L/T*]
         - 2.4 GHz Radio
         - Calibrated By A Topcon Authorized Service Center
* Topcon BC-30D Battery Charger
* Assorted Tool Kit
* Sun Shade
* Rain Cover For Unit
* QTY. 2 Battery Packs
* Stylus
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord
* User Manual on Cd-ROM
* Hard Carrying Case


Topcon IS-203 3" Imaging Total Station
Effectively capture the only-required 3D data by digital image.

“Touch Drive” to handle the instrument
Touching the object on the image causes the instrument to rotate to the the same view angle of telescope. The Touch Drive also enables pinpoint measurement that allows the accurate collimation just like looking in the telescope.

Two Built-in Digital Cameras -Wide Angle and Tele-Zoom
You can view the surrounding area and roughly zoom to the object with the wide angle camera and use the tele-zoom for the precise collimation. The images are stored in the internal memory as well as being displayed on the screen.

"Feature Scan" to assist area measurement
This method automatically extracts features (corners) from the image of a specified area. Together with the Grid Scan and Touch Drive functions, it improves practicality of your work.

The Ultimate All-IN-ONE TS-All in your hands from Robotic to Imaging, Measurement and Scanning TS

Assist Focus
The Assist Focus provides clear vision although you still need focus adjustment for telescopicview image.

Super Long Range NP - 2,000m
The IS reaches a white surface object at 2,000m away. In practical terms, it reaches the darker surface like rock or concrete at about 500 or 800m away.

Steep Slope Measurement with Image
The IS will no longer force you an unnatural body posture when you measure the points at a steep angle. The image will help you collimate the target without looking in the eyepiece.

Reliable Observation
There is always a possibility of error when you look through the telescope. No need to worry about parallax error if you ahve the image on board.

  • A robotic instrument and much more
  • Two digital cameras - wide angle and 30x tele-zoom
  • Scan with live imaging
  • Intelligent scan feature recognition
  • Fully robotic internal 2.4 GHz Radio
  • 6,500 (2000m) reflectorless measurement
  • Remote image display by TopSurv and ImageMaster

Length 165mm
Objective Lens 45mm (EDM 50mm)
Magnification 30X
Image Erect
Field of View 1°30’
Resolving Power 3”
Minimum Focus 1.4m
Method Absolute Reading
Minimum Reading 1”/5”
Accuracy 3” (1mgon)
Tilt Correction Dual Axis
Compensating Range 6'
Prism Mode 1 prism: 3,000m
3 prisms: 4,000m
9 prisms: 5,000m
Accuracy Fine 0.2mm/1mm: (2mm+2ppmxD*)m.s.e.
Non-Prism Mode 1.5m - 250m
NP Accuracy Fine 0.2mm/1mm: (5mm)m.s.e.
Non-Prism Long Mode 5.0m - 2,000m
NP Long Mode Accuracy Fine 1mm: (10mm+10ppmxD*)m.s.e
Cameras (2) 1.3M pixel
Image Speed 1 - 10fps
Scanning Max. 20 pts/sec
Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2
Intel PXA255 400MHz
3.5 inch TFT Full Color Touch-screen
128 MB/RAM
2 MB Flash Rom
1 GB micro SD Card
Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g