Topcon GPT-8005A 5" Auto Tracking Reflectorless Total Station

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Topcon GPT-8005A 5-inch Accuracy Auto Tracking Total Station
- Auto Tracking
- Calibrated By A Topcon Service Center
Item ID: X1918
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* Topcon GPT-8005A 5" Auto Tracking Total Station [ID- X1918]
- Auto Tracking
- Calibrated By A Topcon Service Center
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord
* User Manual On CD-ROM
* Hard Carrying Case (G)


Topcon GPT-8005A Total Station

The Solo Survey System that puts you in control
The New Topcon GPT-8000A series is a true first. The fastest, most flexible Solo Surveying System combining non-radio data communication and distance measurement without a prism. The system comprises the Topcon auto tracking total station, the unique Infrared communication device RC-2 II, Topcon Field controller FC-1000 and the Topcon TopSURV controller software. A complete, unique, solo surveying system from one manufacturer with over 70 years of experience in supplying leading technology surveying instrumentation.

The GPT-8000A series are non-prism total stations with built in auto tracking offering the option for one person surveying from behind the instrument or at the prism. The GTS-810A series instruments are Auto Tracking Total Stations with standard prism measurement capability and are the alternative choice when non-prism measurement is not required. Both series of instruments can become part of the Topcon Solo Surveying System with the addition of the Remote controller RC-2 II which turns an auto tracking total station into a remotely controlled surveying system.

Unique system features

Unique Remote Control
Topcon’s system for solo surveying is based on a unique principle using an optical data link for communication between the prism position and the instrument. Using the GPT-8000A/ GTS-810A with the remote control device, RC-2 II, the surveyor can “talk” to the total station, giving instructions to measure and tell the instrument where the prism is after a loss of lock. What is more, the total station can “talk” back to the surveyor, sending all the measured data for storage in the handheld controller unit. No radios are needed, no interference or reception problems, no missing or corrupted data. The optical data link puts you in control.

Fast auto tracking
GPT-8000A has a very fast tracking speed of 12º per second (GTS-810A 10º per second) ensuring that loss of lock only normally occurs due to obstructions and not due to the movement of the prism. 12º/sec is approximately equivalent to 75 km/h at 100m. This results in reliable prism lock and better performance in machine control and other applications where fast or erratic movements can be expected. The GPT-8000A series uses a new CCD tracking system, which identifies the prism and ensures only the prism can be followed by the instrument. This system increases the speed and reliability of tracking.

Super Fast Find
The super “Fast Find” function is a major advantage of the system ensuring quick re-location of the prism after loss of lock, with the simple press of a button. Using Topcon’s unique laser optical communication technique the RC-2 II directs the total station to the prism position. Weighing only 300 grams and the size of a small pocket calculator, the RC-2 II, when activated, sends a signal, which is detected by the total station. The total station then quickly turns to the correct direction and vertical angle setting to locate the prism.

Fast Auto Lock
The area around the prism where auto lock is activated has been increased from 1º to 5º in the GPT-8000A and GTS-810A Series. (Compared to the predecessor, GTS-800A) This allows the prism to be identified within a wider field of view so that automatic sighting takes over from manual sighting sooner and only rough pointing to the target is necessary

Reflectorless measurement
To offer complete flexibility to your surveying procedures the GPT-8000A can measure in non-prism mode over a distance of 120 meters. This gives the added benefit to the surveyor working on his own, of being able to work behind the instrument to pick up those inaccessible of difficult to reach points.

Measurement Specifications

Angle measurement
The GPT-8000A series (and GTS-810 series) consist of 4 models, GPT-8001A (GTS-811A), GPT-8002A (GTS-812A), GPT-8003A (GTS-813A) and GPT-8005A (GTS-815A), with 1” (0.3mgon), 2” (0.6mgon), 3” (1.0mgon)and 5” (1.5mgon) angle measurement accuracy’s respectively. The first two models have 0.5” (0.1mgon) minimum reading and second two models have 1” (0.2mgon) minimum reading. All models have absolute encoder system for angle measurement.

Distance measurement
The GPT-8000A Series uses the principle of Pulse Laser technology to measure distance. Distance measurement range is 7 Km to a single prism with an accuracy of (3mm + 2ppm). The measurement speed is very fast making repeat measurement in approximately 1.2 seconds (Fine 1 mm mode). GPT-8000A series can measure in non-prism mode, up to 120 meters with an accuracy of +/-5mm. GTS-810 series measures using principles of traditional EDM and has a distance measuring range of 2,200 meters, but also with a fast measurement time of 1.2 seconds in repeat mode.

Advanced Features

Internal memory
Large capacity internal memory for storing upto 30,000 data points is available in both the GPT-8000A and GTS-810A. There is also an internal program memory of 2MB for storing large application programs including the field surveying package supplied by Topcon as standard.

Large graphic display
Large graphic display screen on both sides of the instrument with backlight, heater function and contrast adjustment, ensure clear visibility under all lighting conditions. The clear keyboard with keys for alpha and numeric characters make the instrument easy to use.

Additional data storage
PCMCIA or Flash card slot is on the instruments for additional data handling flexibility. Memory cards are available from Topcon which are suitable for more extreme environmental conditions, but standard compact flash cards can also be used.

Power supply accessories
The GPT-8000A/ GTS-810A series includes as standard two internal batteries, BT-56Q. This new battery has an improved capacity. The charger for BT-56Q is the BC-27C allowing full recharge in 2.5 hrs. Also available are new external power supply battery and charger.

The Solo Survey System

RC-2 II Remote control
The RC-2 II provides remote control of the auto tracking total station. It consists of two parts, RC-2H the smart handle unit, and RC-2R the remote control unit. The RC-2H replaces the instruments standard carrying handle and includes 4 laser sensors, one on each quadrant of the handle. The RC-2R control unit is carried by the surveyor with the prism pole or can be mounted on the side or the top of the pole. The RC-2R can be connected to the field controller with a standard instrument cable to establish communication between the controller and the instrument.

The RC-2R has the following features:
  • Fast Find of total station tracking beam (typically less than 10 seconds).
  • Small, compact size. Light weight (300g).
  • Mount on top of prism or side of prism pole
  • Operating range of at least 250m
  • Weather proof IPX5
  • Operating time 30 Hours.
Field controller
The FC-1000 Windows CE handheld Field controller was designed and built by Topcon. The unit is built to meet the demanding needs of surveyors and able to withstand rugged use in the field being shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and lightweight. In addition to these design features the computing power is second to none, with fast data processing ensuring optimum performance of your Topcon Auto Tracking Total Station.

The unique standard features that make the FC-1000 stand out from other field computers include the following:
  • 56 key keyboard and touch screen.
  • Removable compact flash card.
  • 2 Com Ports (9-pin serial, 6-pin instrument)
  • USB Prot
  • Re-movable Li-ion batteries, rechargeable in or outside the unit.
  • Super-fast Hitachi SH7750S Microprocessor.(300 MIPS) The Standard set of FC-1000 comes with 2 batteries BT-59Q, Charger BC-29C and power adapter AD-7C.

Controller Software
Topcon Auto Tracking Total stations are loaded with Topcon’s “Standard Survey Software” offering full functionality for field surveying, calculations and stake-out. For the Total Station Controller there is now new Topcon software, TopSURV. TopSURV includes all the functions of the Total Station software bringing the power of the instrument to the prism position. The Topcon system also gives the possibility to use third party software so users can adapt the system to their own specific needs if required.

TopSURV is an integrated field controller package with, in addition to the total station data logging and Solo Survey total station control, also controller software for Topcon GPS systems. The 2 modules are available separately or combined, providing a seamless integration between Topcon surveying systems.

RC-2 Pole mount bracket
This bracket allows the RC-2 to be mounted on top of the A-3 prism or on the side of the prism pole.

A-3 Prism
The Topcon circular prism array is specifically designed for use with Topcon auto-tracking total stations. The A-3 prism assures accurate tracking and measurement and reduces the chances of loss of prism lock.

Length 166mm
Objective lens 50mm
Magnification 30X
Field of view 1° 30’
Resolving Power 3”
Minimum focus 1.3m
Focusing 1 speed
Max. revolving speed 50°/sec
Max. auto tracking speed 12°/sec (GTS-810A: 10°/sec)
Auto tracking range 800m (GTS-810A:1000m)
Driving range All range revolving
Search range User definable
Coarse Movement Shuttle control (7 speeds)
Fine Movement Jog control (Min. 1 sec.)
Positioning accuracy standard deviation 3"
Measurement range Mini prism 1,500 (visibility approx.20km) (GTS-810A: 800m)
Standard Prism 7,000 (GTS-810A: 2,200m) (visibility approx. 20km)
Measuring accuracy ± (3mm+2ppm)m.s.e (GTS-810A: 2mm+2ppm)
Minimum reading Fine 0.2mm/1mm Coarse 1mm/10mm
Measuring time(initial) Fine 1mm mode approx. 1.2 sec. (3 sec)
Method Absolute encoder
Detecting Horizontal : dual Vertical : dual
Minimum reading 1" (0.2mgon)/5" (1.0mgon)
Accuracy 5” (1.5mgon)
Type Dual axis
Compensating range ±4'
Circular level 10'/2mm
Plate level 30"/2mm
Waterproof IP54
Topcon Standard Survey Software Yes
Laser Class
Class 2
Optical Communication
Optional  RC-2 II