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Topcon GPT-8002A Automatic Tracking Pulse Total Station

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The Topcon GPT-8002A has an angle accuracy of 2-inch (0.6mgon)

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GPT-8002A Automatic Tracking Pulse Total Station


GPT-8002A Automatic Tracking Pulse Total Station

The New Topcon GPT-8000A series is a true first. The fastest, most flexible Solo Surveying System combining non-radio data communication and distance measurement without a prism. The system comprises the Topcon auto tracking total station, the unique Infrared communication device RC-2 II, Topcon Field controller FC-1000 and the Topcon TopSURV controller software.

A complete, unique, solo surveying system from one manufacturer with over 70 years of experience in supplying leading technology surveying instrumentation.

The GPT-8000A series are non-prism total stations with built in auto tracking offering the option for one person surveying from behind the instrument or at the prism. The GTS-810A series instruments are Auto Tracking Total Stations with standard prism measurement capability and are the alternative choice when non-prism measurement is not required. Both series of instruments can become part of the Topcon Solo Surveying System with the addition of the Remote controller RC-2 II which turns an auto tracking total station into a remotely controlled surveying system.

Reflectorless measurement
To offer complete flexibility to your surveying procedures the GPT-8000A can measure in non-prism mode over a distance of 120 meters. This gives the added benefit to the surveyor working on his own, of being able to work behind the instrument to pick up those inaccessible of difficult to reach points.

Fast Auto Lock
The area around the prism where auto lock is activated has been increased from 1º to 5º in the GPT-8000A and GTS-810A Series. (Compared to the predecessor, GTS-800A) This allows the prism to be identified within a wider field of view so that automatic sighting takes over from manual sighting sooner and only rough pointing to the target is necessary.

Distance measurement
The GPT-8000A Series uses the principle of Pulse Laser technology to measure distance. Distance measurement range is 7 Km to a single prism with an accuracy of (3mm + 2ppm). The measurement speed is very fast making repeat measurement in approximately 1.2 seconds (Fine 1 mm mode). GPT-8000A series can measure in non-prism mode, up to 120 meters with an accuracy of +/-5mm. GTS-810 series measures using principles

Internal memory
Large capacity internal memory for storing upto 30,000 data points is available in both the GPT-8000A and GTS-810A. There is also an internal program memory of 2MB for storing large application programs including the field surveying package supplied by Topcon as standard

GPT-8002A Total Station Specifications:


Length 166mm
Objective lens 50mm
Magnification 30X
Field of view  1° 30’
Resolving Power 3"
Minimum focus 1.3m
Focusing 2 speed
Max. revolving speed 50°/sec
Max. auto tracking speed 12°/sec (GTS-810A: 10°/sec)
Auto tracking range 800m (GTS-810A:1000m)
Driving range All range revolving
Search range User definable
Coarse Movement Shuttle control (7 speeds)
Fine Movement Jog control (Min. 1 sec.)
Positioning accuracy standard deviation 3"
Measurement range Mini prism 1,500 (visibility approx.20km)
Standard Prism 7,000 (GTS-810A: 2,200m) (visibility approx. 20km)
Measuring accuracy ± (3mm+2ppm)m.s.e (GTS-810A: 2mm+2ppm)
Minimum reading Fine 0.2mm/1mm Coarse 1mm/10mm
Measuring time(initial) Fine 1mm mode approx. 1.2 sec. (3 sec)
Measurement range 3-120m
Measuring accuracy 3-25m ±(10mm)m.s.e
>25m ± ( 5mm+2ppm) m.s.e
Method Absolute encoder
Detecting Horizontal : dual Vertical : dual
Minimum reading 0.5" (0.1mgon)/1" (0.5mgon)
Accuracy 2" (0.6mgon)
Type Dual axis
Compensating range ±4'
Circular level 10'/2mm
Plate level 30"/2mm
OPTICAL PLUMMET Optical plummet
Waterproof IP54
Topcon Standard Survey Software Yes
Laser Class class 2
Optical Communication Optional RC-2 II