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Topcon GLS-2000 Compact High-speed Laser Scanner

Quick Overview

Topcon’s GLS-2000 laser scanner allows you to quickly and accurately capture 3D data at any project site. An industry leading laser scanner no-serious practitioner should be without, the GLS 2000 can be utilised at any job site.

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Topcon GLS-2000 Compact High-speed Laser Scanner



Topcon GLS-2000 Compact High-speed Laser Scanner:

With its 350m (1,150ft) eye-safe long-range scanning technology, the GLS-2000 features survey-grade accuracy that reduces the amount of scan setups required on site. The integrated twin cameras help ensure that the images recorded provide the best possible definition photography for all levels of scan detail.

TopconGLS-2000 Featuers:

• Highest Accuracy with Precise Scan Technology
• High Speed 360º Dome Scanning
• Long Range
• Dual Camera
• Eye Safe - Selectable Laser Technology
• Compact, Lightweight Rugged Design

Capture Reality.

Topcon’s GLS-2000 laser scanner allows you to quickly and accurately capture 3D data at any project site. An industry leading laser scanner no-serious practitioner should be without, the GLS-2000 can be utilised at any job site. Powered by user selectable dual laser capability, the operator is able to choose between a Class 3R and Class 1 laser according to the job site conditions. With a scan range of over 350 metres the GLS-2000 is a versatile tool that lets you get laser scanning in many different work environments. The stand- alone capability of the scanner combined with its rugged design provides technology that will stand up to the most extreme outdoor work sites.

Intuitive and Efficient
Historically difficult to measure subjects such as buildings, antennas and spans are recorded at the press of a button. The scanner is a quick, simple and effective way of capturing 3D data at high speed but without sacrificing the accuracy required for today’s demanding professionals. The usability of the GLS-2000 provides one-touch operation for the non-specialist but also satisfies the survey professional with occupation and backsight operation. Instrument height measurement and the dual on-board digital cameras provide for ultimate productivity and practicality when dealing with point clouds. The GLS-2000 laser scanner together with ScanMaster software provides the ultimate package for people who want the quick, easy and cost-effective route into laser scanning.

A Laser Scanner for all Users and Markets
The technology embodied in the GLS-2000 laser scanner provides the features that make it the ultimate tool for all users. The class leading specifications of the scanner make it an ideal tool for the BIM environment. Scan to Bim and ‘as built’ projects will benefit from the precision and productivity provided by the GLS-2000.

Small Size, Big Performance
The rugged, compact scanner is ideally suited for the demands of outdoor work sites. The dual cameras provide maximum flexibility whilst user selectable lasers allow scanning in any environment.

One Touch Scanning
Scanning has never been so easy with one touch scanner operation. Utilise pre-set scan-ning parameters to save time and increase efficiency. On-board checking of scanned data ensures correct coverage of project.

Seamless Workflow with ScanMaster
Data workflow is completed with ScanMaster software. Features include shape matching, auto edge extraction and orthophotos. File format compatibility ensures integration with 3rd party software.

High Speed Scanning
The ultra high speed scanning of the GLS-2000 provides time saving benefits to users without compromising accuracy. The scanner will collect a full 360º scan of your work site in under 3 minutes including images.

Topcon GLS-2000 Specifications:


System Performance
Maximum range at specified reflectivity
Standard Mode 350m at 90%
High Speed Mode 210m at 90%
Low Power Mode 210m at 90%
Single Point Accuracy
Distance 3.5mm (1-150m), 1sigma
Angle 6”
Dual Axis Compensator  
Resolution 1”
Accuracy 4”
Range -/+ 6’
Target Deftection Accuracy 3” at 50m
Laser Scanning System
Type Pulsed Precise Scan Technology
Laser Class 3R (High Speed / Standard)
1M (Low Power)
Scan Density (Resolution)
Spot Size <11.2mm(1-150m, FWHM)
Maximum Sample Density 3mm at 10m
Field of view (per scan) Horizontal: 360º
Vertical: 270º
Color Digital Imaging 5M pixel, Dual (170°/8.9°)
Scanning Control
Control System On-board
Display VGA Color Touch Display
Keyboard 3 Key
Data Storage SD Card
Operation Temperture -5ºC to 45ºC
Storage Temperture -20ºC to 60ºC
Dust/Humidity IP54
Dimensions 152 x 293 x 412mm
Weight 11kg
Keyboard 21 keys