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Leica ScanStation C10 3D Laser Scanner

Quick Overview

The Leica ScanStation C10 series reflects the most effectiveness and value into a single laser scanning machine.

Item ID: SC05-L/T*
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Leica ScanStation C10 3D Laser Scanner [ID -L/T*]
* USB Cable
* Battery Pack
* Carrying Case


Leica ScanStation C10 Laser Scanner
The most value and best capabilities all packed in to one scanner.


The new normal for pulsed laser scanners
The most favored class of laser scanner the ScanStation is now in a solid, single ScanStation C10 platform. Features include a scanner, remote controller, data storage, and video camera. ScanStation C10 also contains major overtures in productivity, versatility, and ease-of-use for as-built and topographic High-Definition Surveying™ (HDS™).


Compact scanner potential for lower costs
The ScanStation C10 gives users the advantage of high-accuracy, long range scanning plus the advantage of fast, full-dome interior scanning - all in one instrument. The key is the new Smart X-Mirror design that automatically spins or oscillates the mirror for ptimum productivity. Smart X-Mirror also automatically aligns the embedded, high-resolution video camera with the laser for fast targeting and fast, accurate texture mapping of scans.


Unrivaled adaptability
The ScanStation C10 combines flexibility with the ability of users to travel, distribute or use scan targets for maximum options in dealing with site planning. A full field-of-view of 360º x 270º, high accuracy, long range, and a high scan speed of 50k pts/sec add to ScanStation C10’s environment as the most adaptable scanner in the business.


User-Friendly Interface
The ScanStation C10 features user friendly total station like onboard graphic control, along with the ability to look at target scans in 3D. Users can also use a laptop computer control for a more complete scan viewing.



Instrument type Compact, pulsed, dual-axis compensated, very high speed laser scanner, with survey-grade accuracy, range, and field-of-view; integrated camera and laser plummet
User interface Onboard control, notebook, tablet PC or remote controller
Data storage Integrated solid-state drive (SSD), external PC or external USB device
Camera Auto-adjusting, integrated high-resolution digital camera with zoom video
System Performance
Accuracy of single measurement Position: 6 mm
Distance: 4 mm
Angle: 60 µrad / 60 µrad (12” / 12”)
Modeled surface precision 2 mm
Target acquisition 2 mm std. deviation
Dual-axis compensator Selectable on/off, resolution 1”, dynamic range +/- 5’, accuracy 1.5”
Laser Scanning System
Type Pulsed; proprietary microchip
Color Green, wavelength = 532 nm visible
Laser Class 3R (IEC 60825-1)
Range 300 m @ 90%; 134 m @ 18% albedo (minimum range 0.1 m)
Scan rate Up to 50,000 points/sec, maximum instantaneous rate
Scan resolution Spot size: From 0 – 50 m: 4.5 mm (FWHH-based); 7 mm (Gaussian-based)
Point spacing: Fully selectable horizontal and vertical; <1 mm minimum spacing, through full range; single point dwell capacity
Field-of-View Horizontal: 360° (maximum)
Vertical: 270° (maximum)
Aiming/Sighting: Parallax-free, integrated zoom video
Scanning Optics Vertically rotating mirror on horizontally rotating base; Smart X-Mirror™ automatically spins or oscillates for minimum scan time
Data storage capacity 80 GB onboard solid-state drive (SSD) or external USB device
Communications Dynamic Internet Protocol (IP) Address, Ethernet or wireless LAN (WLAN) with external adapter
Integrated color digital camera with zoom video Single 17° x 17° image: 1920 x 1920 pixels (4 megapixels) Full 360° x 270° dome: 260 images; streaming video with zoom; auto-adjusts to ambient lighting
Onboard display Touchscreen control with stylus, full color graphic display, QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)
Level indicator External bubble, electronic bubble in onboard control and Cyclone software
Data transfer Ethernet, WLAN or USB 2.0 device
Laser plummet Laser class: 2 (IEC 60825-1)
Centering accuracy: 1.5 mm @ 1.5 m
Laser dot diameter: 2.5 mm @ 1.5 m
Selectable ON/OFF
Power supply 15 V DC, 90 – 260 V AC
Power Consumption <50 W avg.
Battery Type Internal: Li-Ion; External: Li-Ion
Power Ports Internal: 2, External: 1 (simultaneous use, hot swappable)
Duration Internal: >3.5 h (2 batteries), External: >6 h (room temp)
Operating temp. 0° C to 40° C / 32° F to 104° F
Storage temp. -25° C to +65° C / -13° F to 149° F
Lighting Fully operational between bright sunlight and complete darkness
Humidity Non-condensing
Dust/humidity IP54 (IEC 60529)