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Leica HDS 4050 ScanStation 2 Surveying Laser Scanner

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Leica HDS 4050 ScanStation 2 Laser Scanner

Item ID: SC11-L/T*
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Leica HDS 4050 ScanStation 2 Surveying Laser Scanner[ID -L/T*]
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Leica HDS 4050 ScanStation 2 Laser Scanner

Leica ScanStation 2A New Level of Versatility and Speed in Laser Scanners

With a 10-times boost in maximum instantaneous scan speed and the full freedom and accuracy of a total station, Leica ScanStation 2 has lifted laser scanning to the next level.This speed and productivity boost builds on the already industry-leading versatility of the ScanStation™ class of laser scanner to make High-Definition Surveying™ (HDS™) profitable for even more as-built and topographic survey projects.

A New Level of Speed and Productivity

For many as built and topographic surveys, laser scanners have already proven to significantly reduce field labor compared to traditional methods.ScanStation 2’s jump-step increase inpulsed scan speed further slashes these costs – field labor is now as little as one-fifth of that of traditional methods for many projects.

Dramatically faster scanning also lets users:

Collect data in tighter time windows

Reduce time spent in hazardous locations

Provide project results faster

Collect even more complete data

“Squeeze in” additional service requests from clients

A New Level of Versatility for Laser Scanning


ScanStation 2 extends the benefits of safe, cost-effective road surveys from urban and multi-lane roads & intersections to 2-lane roads & intersections


Using ScanStation 2 for topographic surveys of small sites and sites up to hundreds of acres cuts initial survey costs and reduces site re-visits.


Small buildings and tall buildings can be cost-effectively surveyed, both inside and out. Digital photos can be overlaid for added realism.

Very High Speed Pulsed Laser

Excellent range, up to 10-times faster than other pulsed scanners, and capable of single point surveying

Integrated High-Resolution Camera

For fast scene selection and compelling, auto-rectified photo overlays

HI Marks, Tribrach Mount, Carry Handle, and QuickScan™ Button

Standard procedures and accessories make ScanStation 2 easy to learn

Advanced Timing Electronics

Integrated with a patented microchip laser to deliver accurate,low-noise distance measurements

X-function Compatibility

Interoperable with Leica System 1200

Advanced Scripting Controls

SmartScan™ firmware allowsautomated sequencing of scansand unattended operation

Integrated, Dual-Axis Level Compensator

For survey-grade traversing and stakeout

External Bubble Level

Conveniently located on back of rotating scan head

Leica ScanStation 2 Performance Specifications  
Instrument Type Pulsed, dual-axis compensated, very-high speed laser scanner, with survey-grade accuracy, range, and field-of-view
User interface Notebook or Tablet PC
Camera Integrated high-resolution digital camera
Accuracy of single measurement Position*                                      6 mm                                           Distance*                                     4 mm                                                   Angle (horizontal/vertical)             60μrad/60μrad (3.8 mgon/3.8 mgon) **
Laser spot size From 0 – 50 m: 4 mm (FWHH-based); 6 mm (Gaussian-based)
Modeled surface precision/noise 2mm **
Target acquisition 2 mm std. deviation
Dual-axis compensator Resolution 1 ", dynamic range +/- 5'
Data integrity monitoring Periodic self-check during operation and start-up
Laser scanning system  
Range 300 m @ 90 %; 134 m @18 % albedo
Scan Rate Maximum instantaneous: up to 50,000 points/sec Average: dependent on specific scan density and field-of-view
Scan Density  <1 mm max, through full range; fully selectable horizontal and vertical spacing; single point dwell capability
Laser Class 3R (IEC-60825-1), visible green
Lighting Fully operational between bright sunlight and complete darkness
Power Supply 36 V; AC or DC; hot swappable
Specifications subject to change without notice
See Leica ScanStation 2 Product Specifications for full technical data*
At 50 m range, one sigma ** One sigma