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Leica HDS 3600 ScanStation Surveying Laser Scanner HDS3600

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Leica HDS 3600 ScanStation Laser Scanner

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* Leica HDS 3600 ScanStation Surveying Laser Scanner[ID -L/T*]
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Leica HDS 3600 ScanStation Laser Scanner


The Leica HDS3000


The Leica HDS3000, the first “surveyor friendly” 3D laser scanner, is the flagship of Leica’s HDS product family, making high-definition field data capture more efficient and easier for a wider range of surveying and engineering projects. There are many characteristics of the HDS3000 that set it apart from other instruments in its class including:


 Maximum 360° x 270° field of view,unique dual-window design


Fully selectable field-of-view and scan density 


Bore-sighted digital camera for automatically calibrated photo overlays

<6mm spot size @ 50 m


<6mm positional accuracy @ 50 m


Height-of-instrument (H.I.) measurement


Set-up on known or assumed survey points


Flexible “hot-swap” power supply system


QuickScan button to easily define field-of-view


Laser Scanning for Surveyors


With the Leica HDS 3000, high-definitionsurveyinghas never been easier and friendlier for surveyors and measurementprofessionals. For example, it utilizes a stan-dard tripod set-up over either a known or anassumed survey point. Captured pointclouds can be accurately aligned to localcoordinate systems for direct compatibilitywith existing project designs. Instrument orientation and a fully selectable field-of-view can be quickly and easily defined withthe push of the new QuickScan button. A unique dual-window design allows for effi-cient utilization of its 360° x 270° maximumfield-of-view without re-orientation of theinstrument, including full dome capture ofthe entire scene. With Leica’s SmartScanTechnology™, additional regions in thescene can be selectively captured withfiner detail as needed. These HDS3000 features combine to not only make laserscanning friendlier for surveyors, but alsomore productive for all measurement professionals.


High-Definition Surveying                                                                                                                                                                                               Laser Scanning Redefined


High-Definition Surveying, or HDS™, is a refined description ofwhat has often been referred to as “3D laser scanning.” There are two primary reasons why Leica has chosen this refined description. First, HDS more accurately describes and communicates the technology in terms of how it’s different from other surveying methods. Second, with its new family of HDS products, Leica has matured the technology to the point where itis truly now a full-fledged surveying method – not just an interesting technology...


Definition through Density


It is the high density of the data more than any other single feature which distinguishes this technology from surveying methods based on discrete points. When high-density data is viewed on a computer screen, enhanced with intrinsic color effects and 3D visualization,the technology provides unique“high-definition” information. For the surveyor and engineer, this added completeness and visualization translate into a better final deliverable, more accurate and timely designs, and better over all customer value. Through the commitment and continuing innovation of Leica Geosystems, laser scanning has reached a new plateau that deserves a new distinction in the industry: High-Definition Surveying. Leica welcomes you to the world of HDS.


SmartScan Technology


One of the most significant benefitsof HDS is the level of detail that can be obtained. This capability is clearly demonstrated with SmartScan Technology, which allows the instrument operator to selectively capture any region with finer detail as needed.




High-Definition Surveying provides powerful visualization of the job site, right on your desktop. User scan easily navigate the scene and closely inspect areas of interest. Virtual “fly-throughs,” multi-media animations, and free viewing software can be used to communicate project information in ways never before imagined.


Immediate Measurements


Accurate dimensions are measured directly from the point cloud data or geo-metric objects. Each point is a survey measurement with unique Northing, Easting, and Elevation coordinates. Points can be feature-coded and processed for automated map making.




Cross-sectional lines and point cloud slices can be instantly generated along an alignment at user-defined station intervals for transportation applications. Point cloud slice management further facilitates the workflow for generating as-builts for building facades, pipe runs, and a variety of other objects.


2D Maps & Drawings


2D maps are generated easily from the 3D point cloud data in numerous applications including pipe designs, cadastral and engineering surveys, building facades, and virtually any other project where accurate 2D “as-built” or“as-is” maps are required.


3D Modeling


Powerful, comprehensive 3D modeling - including steel structure, cylinders (pipes),planar patches, meshes, and other geometry - use best-fit algorithms with user-defined tolerances.


Cyclone Software–Where It All ”Comes Together”


Software plays a critical role in handling the high-definition point clouds effectively and aid the speedy extraction of engineering information. Cyclone, Leica's HDS software suite, is considered by many as the industry standard solution to capture, visualize, extract, analyze, and represent point cloud data in the form of traditional or enhanced deliverables. With Cyclone CloudWorx, the learning curve can be slashed by utilizing HDS data directly in the CAD environment. This complete range of application-specific and industry-relevant Cyclone modules has made working with point clouds easier and more efficient than ever before.


The Right Tool for the Job


As the adoption and use of laser scanning has grown over time, it's become clear that no single technology or scanner can fully address every project need. Therefore, Leica Geosystems, as the industry leader, proudly offers a family of products to service this growing spectrum of uses.Leica Geosystems’ product family not only includes powerful and versatile time-of-flight ranging systems, the Leica HDS2500 and Leica HDS3000, but also features an ultra-high-speed, phased-based ranging system,the Leica HDS4500. This portfolio of products becomes complete with Cyclone and CloudWorx software, providing a full set of Leica-quality geo-referencing, surveying, and CAD integrated engineering tools for creating accurate deliverables and managing large data sets with unparalleled ease.Regardless of the application, Leica’s HDS family provides the “right tool for the job”