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Sokkia SET5X Reflectorless Total Station 5"

Quick Overview

the SET5x total station has an angle accuracy of 5-inches / 1.5mg and includes absolute encoders enhanced with Sokkia innovative system Independent Angle Calibration (IACS) to provide extremely reliable angle measurement with unprecedented stability.

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Sokkia SET5X Reflectorless Total Station 5"


Sokkia SET5X 5" total station

Sokkia SET2X total station is a rugged, high performance that incorporates the latest technology with traditional surveying functionality. An environmental protection degree IP65 SET X marks the highest in class for Windows CE total stations, allowing it to withstand the harsh conditions of the most demanding workplaces. SET X is available in 1 ", 2", 3 "and 5" models for use in a wide range of positioning applications. 1 "and 2" models include absolute encoders enhanced with Sokkia innovative system Independent Angle Calibration (IACS) to provide extremely reliable angle measurement with unprecedented stability

Windows CE.
Expandable Windows CE installed SET X has an easy-to-see color LCD touch screen display and its operability puts it in a class of its own.

SDR Program
On-board SDR program is Windows CE-based data collection software that increases functionality by providing powerful surveying programs with an easy-to-follow workflow, customizable settings and a graphic interface.

Highest in its Class for Environmental Protection
SET X offers the highest in environmental protection for Windows CE total stations*. SET X has an IP65 rating, meaning it is able to withstand the harshest conditions in the most demanding jobsites. SET X maintains its IP65 rating even with the external battery connected.

RED-tech EX – High Precision Reflectorless Measurement Using Revolutionary Digital Signal Processing Technology
RED-tech EX EDM is acclaimed for pinpoint accuracy using an ultra-narrow red laser beam and for the flexibility to measure from the industry's shortest distance of 30cm (1ft.) up to 500m (1,640ft.).
RED-tech EX performs accurate reflectorless measurement of building corners, telephone/electrical wires, manholes, and even through fences.

Measuring beam spot size (Reflectorless mode)

Distance 2m (6.6ft.) 10m (33ft.) 40m (131ft.) 100m (328ft.) 300m (984ft.) 500m (1,640ft.)
Beam spot size
(height x width)
5 x 7mm
(0.2 x 0.28in.)
7 x 9mm
(0.28 x 0.35in.)
14 x 14mm
(0.55 x 0.55in.)
29 x 24mm
(1.14 x 0.95in.)
76 x 56mm
(2.99 x 2.2in.)
123 x 89mm
(4.84 x 3.5in.)

Single Optimized Beam
RED-tech EX uses only one laser beam for distance measurement and pointing, meaning it exactly measures the red laser point. The laser beam diameter and output level are automatically optimized according to the target type providing stability that you have never experienced before.

Long Distance Measurement
Measure distances up to 6,000m (19,680ft.) using a single AP prism and 500m (1,640ft.) using reflective sheet targets.

Advanced Angle Measurement System
SET X features SOKKIA's original absolute encoders that provide long-term reliability in any work-site conditions. SET1X and SET2X feature groundbreaking IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System) technology for extremely reliable angle measurement.

Trigger Key
SET X features an ergonomically placed trigger key that greatly facilitates taking measurement while looking through the telescope and even while turning the fine motion screws. Measurement can be taken at any time with just the push of a button.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Enjoy a wireless connection with your data collector or tablet PC for expanded data collection possibilities and seamless data handling. Class 1 Bluetooth wireless technology provides license-free prism-side communication of up to 200m.

Multiple Memory Options
SET X has 1MB of internal memory, CF card slot and USB ports. A 1GB SD card can also be used with an adapter.

SET5X Reflectorless Total Station Specifications


SETX Reflectorless Total Stations
Model SET5X
Laser output Reflectorless mode: Class 3R (max. 5W)
Prism / Sheet mode: Class 1 equivalent (max. 0.22W)
Measuring range Reflectorless*1 0.3 to 500m (1 to 1,640ft.)
With reflective sheet target*2 RS90N-K: 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640ft.)
With 1 AP prism 1.3 to 5,000m (4.3 to 16,400ft.), to 6,000m (19,680ft.) under good conditions
Distance accuracy Reflectorless*1 (3 + 2ppm u00d7 D)mm: 0.3 to 200m (1 to 650ft.)
(5 + 10ppm u00d7 D)mm: over 200m to 350m (over 650 to 1,140ft.)
(10 + 10ppm u00d7 D)mm: over 350m to 500m (over 1,140 to 1,640ft.)
With reflective sheet target*2 (3 + 2ppm u00d7 D)mm
With prism
(2 + 2ppm u00d7 D)mm
Angle accuracy H&V 5" / 1.5mg
Display resolutions (selectable) 1" / 5", 0.0002 / 0.001gon, 0.005 / 0.02mil
Operating system Windows CE
Data storage Internal memory 64MB (more than 1MB available for data)
Memory card drive Compact Flash Type II (3.3V, max. 4GB)
SD card (with CF adapter, max. 1GB)
Interface Serial RS-232C (baud rate: 1,200 to 38,400bps), USB1.1 Host (Type A), Client (Type mini B)
Bluetooth wireless modem Ver.2.0, Class 1 (Models without Bluetooth modems are available as factory options)
Laser-pointer function Using red laser beam for distance measurement. (does not work simultaneously with the Guide Light)
Guide light Two-color LEDs, single aperture, Class 1 LED Product
Dust and water protection IP65 (IEC 60529:2001) (RS-232C serial cable or external power cable connection maintains IP65)
Weight with handle and battery Approx. 7.0kg (15.4lb.) With optional F2 control panel: approx. 7.1kg (15.7lb.)