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Sokkia Power Level SDL30 Digital Level

Quick Overview

Four Measurement modes are available: Single-Fine, Repeat-Fine, Average, Tracking
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* Sokkia Power Level SDL30 Digital Level


Sokkia Power Level SDL30 Digital Level
Sokkia proudly presents the POWERLEVEL SDL30, a digital level with a large internal memory. All you have to do to measure height and distance is aim the unique RAB-Code staff, adjust the focus and press a single key. The results are immediately indicated digitally on the LCD display and can be recorded in the internal memory - making the SDL30 the ideal instrument for quick and easy leveling.

“Digital” Makes Measurement Quick and Easy
“How can we make leveling work quicker and easier?” was the question foremost in the minds of the SDL30 designers. Sokkia boldly eliminated complex functions that complicate operation, resulting in an extremely simple and efficient digital level designed primarily for height and distance measurement - the essential role of the “Level”. Measurements are made within three seconds with a single touch of a key, and can be stored immediately in the internal memory.

“Digital” Means Accurate
The SDL30 employs a CCD to read the unique code pattern which is immediately processed by its integral CPU. The digital display reduces miss-reading and eliminates operator interpretation errors. Sokkia’s extensive field tests verified excellent accuracy: standard deviation of only 0.6mm for 1km double-run leveling using invar staves, and 1mm using fiberglass staves. The distance measurement accuracy is ±0.1% x D (D=measuring distance) equivalent to 1cm at 10m (±2/5in. at 33ft.) and ±5cm at 50m (±2in. at 160ft.).

Suited to Various Environments
The SDL30 can be used in a wide variety of differing environments. It can be used in low light conditions as long as the cross hair is visible, as well as in very bright direct sunshine. Artificial lighting presents no problems, so you can survey indoors or in tunnels. Even in the dark, measurement can be carried out using a small flashlight. The SDL30 has been designed to provide stable accuracy under these conditions and in adverse operating environments such as uneven light and shade, heat shimmer, and vibration.

Four Measurement Modes
Four Measurement modes are available:

  • Single-Fine
  • Repeat-Fine
  • Average
  • Tracking

“RAB-Code Staff” Is Ideally Suited to Field Work
When designing staves, Sokkia not only strives to achieve the highest accuracy, but also to provide staves that are lightweight and durable. Sokkia has chosen invar and fiberglass for their superior strength-to-weight ratio and unparalleled durability, while accuracy is ensured by the latest printing technology. Sokkia’s unique “RAB-Code  (RAndom Bi-directional Code)” improves measurement capabilities in a variety of conditions and enhances distance measurement accuracy. The staff can also be held upside-down to measure the height from ceilings. The SDL30 automaticallyidentifies staff attitude and indicates in negative (-) values. The maximum length of the RAB Code Staff is 5.0m (16.7 ft.) facilitating survey work where there are steep slopes.

Water and Shock Resistant Structure
The SDL30 boasts excellent waterresistance. Complying with IPX4 (IEC60529), the SDL30 is protected from water splash from any direction. Sokkia’s proven shock-resistant pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system ensures accuracy and durability.

Other Benefits of “Digital”
The SDL30 is equipped with a host of easy-to-use calculation functions. You can now leave your calculator in the office.

  • Height difference:
    • The SDL30 calculates the height difference between backsight and foresight. As the backsight point can be fixed, multiple foresight heights can be calculated successively
  • Elevation:
    • By inputting the backsight elevation, the SDL30 calculates the foresight heights in elevations.
  • Setting-out:
    • The SDL30 enables setting-out in three ways; by height difference, by elevation and by horizontal distance.
  • Reticle cross-hair adjustment with guide displays:
    • The SDL30 indicates the procedure of reticle crosshair adjustment step by step.

Data Storage
To further enhance the leveling work, an internal memory with a recording capacity of up to 2000 points of data is incorporated. This also enables you to create up to 20 JOB files. Either automatically or by using the keys on the instrument, you can define point numbers and select attributes of recorded data and check them while doing or after finishing the job. The data can be output in CSV and SDR format. Moreover, thanks to the internal memory it is possible to set up double-run leveling as well.

Advanced Power System
The SDL30 is powered by a Lithium-ion battery which is capable of supplying power continuously for 8.5 hours. Long battery life is assured even with frequent recharging.


Standard deviation for 1km double-run leveling
Electronic Measurement 0.6mm (With Invar RAB-Code Staves)
 1.0mm (With Fiberglass RAB-Code Staves)
Visual measurement  1.0mm (With Fiberglass RAB-Code Staves)
Standard deviation
 Electronic Measurement
(Invar and Fiberglass RAB-Code staves)
Up to 10m (33ft.): Within ±10mm (±2/5 in.)
10m (33ft.) to 50m (160ft.): ±0.1%xD
Over 50m (160ft.): ±0.2%xD
(D=measuring distance, unit: m)
Measuring Mode   Single/Repeat/Average/Tracking (selectable)
Measuring Range Electronic Measurement
(Invar and Fiberglass RAB-Code staves)

1.6 to 100m
Minimum Display Height Single, Repeat or Average mode: 0.0001/0.001m (0.001/0.01ft.)
Tracking mode: 1mm (0.01ft.)
Distance Single, Repeat or Average mode: 0.01m (0.1ft.)
Tracking mode: 0.1m (1ft.)
Measuring Time    Single, Repeat or Average mode: Less than 3 sec.
Tracking mode: Less than 1 sec.
Telescope Magnification 32x
Image Erect
Objective Aperture 45mm
Field of View  1°20' (2.3m at 100m)
Resolving Power 3"
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.5m (5.0ft.)
Stadia Multiplication Constant: 100, Additive Constant: 0
Compensator Type Pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system
Working Range More than ±15'
Data storage
(Internal Memory)
Capacity 2000 points (64KB)
 JOB Control  Up to 20 JOB (JOB name definable)
Point Number Auto Incremental / definable
Attribute Selectable
Interface Port  RS-232C compatible
Baud rate 38400 / 19200 / 9600 / 4800 / 2400 / 1200 bps
Data Output Format CSV / SDR (selectable)
Sensitivity of Circular Level    10'/2mm
Horizontal Circle Graduation  1° (1gon)
Estimation 0.1° (0.1gon)
Display Graphic LCD, 128 x 32 dots,with display illumination
Water Resistance  Complies with IPX4 (IEC60529)
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Power Supply Battery BDC46A Rechargeble Lithium-ion, 7.2V
Working Duration More than 8.5 hours
Charging Time Less than 2 hours (using CDC61 / 62 / 64 / 68)
Size SDL30 Instrument W158 x D257 x H182mm (W6.2 x D10.1 x H7.2in.)
Case W258 x D395 x H224mm (W10.2 x D15.6 x H8.8in.)
Weight SDL30 Instrument  2.4kg (5.3lb), including battery