Sokkia Pacific Crest PDL 4500 450-470 MHz GPS Positioning Data Link

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Sokkia PDL 4500 Positioning Data Link 450 - 470 MHz Low Power Base
Item ID: X2671
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Pacific Crest PDL 4500 Positioning Data Link [ID- X2671]
          - 450 - 470 MHz Radio
* Sokkia Antenna
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord


Sokkia PDL 4500 Low Power Base

Features And Benefits:
  • Fast Over-the-Air Data Rate - 19,200 bits per second
    • Reduced latency provides better GPS position information
    • Lower power consumption allows longer field operation
    • Greater throughput handles both GPS and GLONASS
  • Enhanced User Interface - Channel display and buttons
    • View and change radio channe
    • Monitor charge status and other parameters
  • Intelligent Protocols - Forward Error Correction (FEC), Aut oBase™ and AutoRover™ technology1
    • FEC provides improved noise immunity and range
    • Base automatically selects channel with AutoBase
    • Rover automatically locks to base with AutoRover
  • Rugged Construction - Designed specifically for GPS RTK fie ld surveying
    • Double shock mounted electronics improve reliability
    • Water tight operation stands up to bad weather conditions
    • Built-in mounts simplify tripod and range pole mounting
  • Backward Compatible - Interoperable with RDDR, RFM and Trim ble® products
    • Benefit by the latest technology with your existing equip ment
    • Facilitates GPS equipment mix and match
    • Provides upgrade path for existing installations

Serial Port Interface RS-232 compatible. 1200 to 38400 baud operation with 1 start, 8 data, optional parity, and one stop bit.
Power Supply 9-16 VDC. PDL Rover quiescent/receive power consumption 0.3W. PDL High Power Base quiescent/receive power consumption is 1.9W. PDL High Power Base in the low/high RF power setting consumes 13W/125W during transmission. The PDL Low Power Base quiescent/receive power consumption is 0.9W. The PDL Low Power Base when transmitting consumes 5W/11W. (PDL Base power consumption measured at 12.5 VDC.)
Frequency Ranges Contact factory for available frequency ranges. Synthesized frequency control with approximately 1600 channel capability. Channel spacing 25/12.5 kHz. 2.5 ppm frequency reference.
Transmitter (PDL Base) Carrier power 2-Watts or 35-Watts nominal for the High Power Base. Carrier power for the Low Power Base is factory programmable for the 0.5W or 2W. Output impedance 50-ohms. Modulation distortion is less than 5%. Transmitter attack time < 18 ms. Spurious and harmonic FM -55 dBc. FM hum and noise -40 dBm.
Receiver Sensitivity -116 dBm or better (12dB SINAD). Selectivity for the PDL HPB and Rover is >-60 dB. Selectivity for the PDL LPB is >-70dB. (9600, GMSK, 25 KHz), and >-60 dB (19,200, 4LFSK, 25 KHz). FM hum and noise -40 dB. Conducted spurious -65 dB. Carrier detect attack time 2 ms.
Transmission Rate 19,200 or 9,600 bits per second (Four-level FSK)
9,600 or 4,800 bits per second (GMSK)
Transmission Protocols Transparent, packet switched, auto-repeater, fast asynchronous, Trimtalk™.
Forward Error Correction and Detection With FEC enabled, data is encoded by a block code. The data is interleaved in blocks of 20 words, giving burst error correction capabilities for up to 20 consecutive corrupted bits. 16-bit CRCs are generated and sent with every block of data providing 100% error detection for burst errors shorter than 16 bits, and 99.9984% detection of all other burst errors.
Modulation Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK) with BT of 0.5 (4800, 9600 bps link rate). Four-level FSK (9600, 19200 bps link rate).
Size PDL LPB and Rover - 8.25"L x 2.40"D (21.0cmL x 6.1cmD)
Weight PDL LPB - 0.65 lbs. (0.30 Kg)
Shock and Vibration Per ANSI/ASAE EP455
Protection Per IEC 144/855420 I.P. 66 Dust-tight and watertight
Temperature Range PDL Rover Operating - -4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)
PDL Rover Storage - -4 to 185 F (-20 to 85 C)