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Sokkia FX-103 Reflectorless Total Station 3" FX Series

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The Sokkia FX-103 total station features an angle measurement accuracy of 3-inches   

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Sokkia FX-103 Reflectorless Total Station 3"


Sokkia FX-103 Reflectorless Total Station

The FX was inspired by a long tradition of quality and reliability from Sokkia. This new series includes new features such as long-range Bluetooth built-in, and the TSshield advanced security and maintenance system.

FX Series Features:
■ Windows® CE is Ready in a Lightweight, Compact Body
■ MAGNET™ Field On-Board Application Software
■ RED-tech Technology Reflectorless EDM
■ LongRange Data Communication*
■ Advanced Angle Measurement System
■ Long-lasting Battery
■ Waterproof, Rugged, and Operator Friendly Design

RED-Tech EDM Technology
A reliable technology from Sokkia has gotten even better. In side-by-side tests with competing instruments, the FX EDA outperformed the rest. The FX offers a tight beam signal and strong returns from the most difficult of surfaces — dark and wet.

TSshield Advanced Maintenance & Security
Every instrument has a telematics card installed that will communicate to the TSshield servers every day. The system then reviews current software and sends an x-alert to the FX total station if a newer version is available. The security comes from registration at the point of sale. This gives you the power to lock and unlock the operation of the FX. An owner can log into the TSshield website and lock an instrument if it is lost or stolen. This theft deterrent functionality is the first in the industry.

Long-Range Bluetooth Class 1 Communications, 300m+
When connected with an external data collector, the FX communication provides control at the remote rod position. The controller operator can record the data for codes and rod heights at the point of measurement. For stakeout, the remote operator can view directions required to find the next stake point. The system becomes a very productive system, similar to a robotic system where the instrument man simply needs to follow, aim, and focus on the remote prism. (Available in a future firmware.)

MAGNET Software
Achieve higher levels of production with MAGNET Field on-board software. All of the total station functions are available directly on-board the FX total station touch screen. Surveyors, contractors, engineers, and mapping professionals agree, MAGNET streamlines your workflow.

Sokkia FX-103 Total Station Specifications

CX series specification