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Leica Sprinter 250M Electronic Laser Level

Quick Overview

The Sprinter 250M is the perfect tool for advanced construction levelling tasks
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* Leica Sprinter 250M Electronic Laser Level


Leica Sprinter 250M Electronic Laser Level
The Sprinter 250M is the perfect tool for advanced construction levelling tasks. Store up to 1’000 measurements, download and transfer them for further calculations to Excel® to a PC via USB. The delta height calculation and programs line levelling, cut & fill and monitoring facilitates your levelling jobs significantly. The 0.7 mm accuracy of the 250M and the monitoring program allow machine and construction subsidence measurements.

Advanced Leveling:

  • Aim and Focus: With its high-accuracy opticalelements you simply aim and focus the staff as an optical level.
  • Push the Button: With its easy one-button operation, Leica Sprinter does not need any intensive training. Simply push the red button to take the measurement. That‘s all you need to do.
  • Read: Optical reading is no longer needed. The bar code on the staff determines height and distance which is displayed on a highly visible LCD display. There will be no misreading.
  • Calculate: The Leica Sprinter takes on your calculations. Choose the right application in your language. The correct results will be displayed : Delta height, Line levelling, Cut & fill, Tracking & monitoring
  • Memorize:  With their built-in memory for storing up to 1’000 points, the Sprinter 250M avoids transcription errors.
  • Download: With Leica Sprinter 250M, data can be downloaded to your personal computer via USB Interface. The Sprinter DataLoader enables a smooth data transfer to Excel®. Your measurements can also be transferred to an external data collector via RS232 interface.


  • Increase Productivity
  • Minimize Human Errors
  • Operate in Low Light Conditions


Height accuracies
-Electronic measurement
-Optical measurement
Standard deviation height measurement per 1 km double run (ISO 17123-2)
1.0/0.7* mm
With standard aluminum E-scale/Numeral staff: 2.5 mm
-Single staff reading Standard Deviation: 0.6 mm (electronic) and 1.2 mm (optical) at 30 m
Distance accuracies Standard deviation distance measurement 10 mm for D ≤ 10 m and (Distance in m x 0.001) for D > 10 m
Range 2 –100 m (electronic)
Measuring modes Single and Tracking
Time for single measurement <3 sec
Compensator Magnet damped pendulum compensator (range +/- 10 min)
Telescope Magnification (optical) 24x
Data storage up to 1’000 points
Environmental conditions IP55
Power supply AA dry cells (4 x LR6/AA/AM3 1.5 V)
Weight <2.5 kg