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Leica ScanStation C5 Laser Scanner

Quick Overview

The ScanStation C5 Laser Scanner is great for entry level surveyors looking for professional quality with the option to upgrade features for even more flexibility.

Item ID: STKC5
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Leica ScanStation C5 Laser Scanner


Leica ScanStation C5 LaserScanner

Professional quality at an entry level price
The cost effective Leica ScanStation C5 is a great starting Scanner for companies entering laser scanning. This platform can contain all of the following features in one machine:

  • High performance laser scanner
  • Data storage
  • Touch screen interface
  • Video camera
  • Laser plummet

Additional upgrades for individual solutions

Add additional features to the life of your ScanStation to meet the increasing demands of client jobs. The Leica ScanStation C5 is easily upgradeable to long range, high-accuracy dual-axis compensation for standard survey workflows, faster scan speed and a high-res  camera for mapping colors.

Low cost of ownership

With low initial pricing and the option to upgrade certain features, users are eased into laser scanning with a great base unit to start and are able to add needed features over time. This gives users an adjustable, future safe investment that reduces the costs you pay!

User Friendly interface

Leica's ScanStation C5 features an user friendly, easy to learn, color touch screen interface to get users started right away. The ScanStation also features an optional, convenient handheld control.


Instrument type Compact, pulsed, high speed laser scanner, with surveygrade accuracy, range, and field-of-view; integrated video camera and laser plummet
User interface
Onboard control, notebook, tablet PC or remote controller
Data storage Integrated solid-state drive (SSD), external PC or external USB device
Camera Auto-adjusting, integrated high-resolution video camera
System Performance
Accuracy of single measurement Position: 6 mm
Distance: 4 mm
Angle (horizontal/vertical): 60 µrad / 60 µrad (12” / 12”)
Modeled surface precision 2 mm
Target acquisition 2 mm std. deviation
Laser Scanning System
Type Pulsed; proprietary microchip
Color Green, wavelength = 532 nm
Laser Class 3R (IEC 60825-1)
Scan resolution
Spot size From 0 – 50 m: 4.5 mm (FWHH-based); 7 mm (Gaussian-based)
Point spacing Fully selectable horizontal and vertical; <1 mm minimum spacing, through full range; single point dwell capacity
Field-of-View Horizontal: 360° (maximum)
Vertical: 270° (maximum)
Aiming/Sighting: Parallax-free, integrated zoom video
Scanning Optics Vertically rotating mirror on horizontally rotating base; Smart X-Mirror™ automatically spins or oscillates for minimum scan time
Data storage capacity 80 GB onboard solid-state drive (SSD) or external USB device
Communications Dynamic Internet Protocol (IP) Address, Ethernet or wireless LAN (WLAN) with external adapter
Onboard display Touchscreen control with stylus, full color graphic display, QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)
Level indicator External bubble, electronic bubble in onboard control and Cyclone software
Data transfer Ethernet, WLAN or USB 2.0 device
Laser plummet Laser class: 2 (IEC 60825-1)
Centering accuracy: 1.5 mm @ 1.5 m
Laser dot diameter: 2.5 mm @ 1.5 m
Selectable ON/OFF
Upgrade Options
Scan rate Basic: 25,000 pts/sec
Upgrade: up to 50,000 pts/sec
Range Basic: 35 m @ ≥ 18% albedo
Upgrade: 300 m @ 90% albedo, 134 m @ 18% albedo
Dual-axis compensator Basic: not available
Upgrade: Selectable on/off, resolution 1”, dynamic range +/- 5’, accuracy 1.5"
Integrated camera Basic: Streaming video with zoom; auto-adjusts to ambient lighting
Upgrade: Streaming video with zoom; auto-adjusts to ambient lighting; single image acquisition for color mapping, single 17° 17° image: 1920 x 1920 pixels (4 megapixels) Full 360° x 270° dome: 260 images