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Leica RX900C Color Survey Controller

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Part of the Leica GPS900 Series GNSS Kit
Item ID: RX900C
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Leica RX900C Color Survey Controller


Leica RX900C Color Survey Controller  


  • 1/4 VGA Touch screen
  • User-definable keys
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • 256 MB internal memory


Design Glass reinforced polymer housing with integrated battery
Control unit
Display: 1/4 VGA (320 x 240 pixels), color (RX900Cc), graphics capable LCD, illumination, touch screen
Keyboard: 62 keys including 12 function keys, illumination
Angle Display: 360°’", 360° decimal, 400 gon, 6400 mil, V %
Distance Display:  m, ft int, ft us, ft int inch, ft us inch
Touch screen:  Toughened film on glass
Length [m]  0.218
Width [m]  0.123
Thickness [m]  0.047
Weight 0.741kg / 1.634lb
Recording data can only be recorded on the CompactFlash card.
Internal memory 256 MB is sufficient for about 360000 real-time points with codes
CompactFlash card 256 MB is sufficient for about 360000 real-time points with codes
Power Consumption 1.4 [W] Bluetooth to ATX900 GG, radio receiving data
Nominal voltage 12 V DC ( )
Voltage range 11.5 V-28 V
Internal battery
Battery Li-Ion
Voltage 7.4 V
Capacity  GEB211: 1.9 Ah
Operating time, typical 10 h Bluetooth to ATX900 GG
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature [°C]  -30 to +65
Bluetooth: -25 to +65
Color display: -30 to +50
Storing Temperature [°C] -40 to +80
Internal battery
Operating temperature [°C] -20 to +50
Storage temperature [°C] -40 to +70
RX900C Protection against water, dust and sand  IP67 (IEC60529)
Waterproof to 1 m temporary immersion
RX900C Protection Against Humidity  Up to 100 %
The effects of condensation are to be effectively counteracted by periodically drying out RX900C.
RS232 No handshake LEMO port
Bluetooth Class 2
Data format for RS232 Default Values
Baud rate: 115200
Parity: None
Terminator: CR/LF
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1
Ports 8 pin LEMO-1 For power and/or communication