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Leica GS14 GNSS RTK Base & Rover Receiver Set w/ CS15 Field Controller

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Leica GS14 GNSS RTK Base & Rover Receiver Set w/ CS15 Field Controller

Item ID: GS17-L/T*
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Leica GS14 Base Receiver [ID- -L/T*]
* Leica GS14 Rover Receiver [ID- -L/T*]
* Leica CS15 Field Controller [ID- -L/T*]
* Battery Pack
* Carrying Case


Leica GS15 Base & Rover Kit w/CS15 Field Controller



Proven GNSS technology



Built on years of knowledge and experience, the Leica GS15 delivers the hallmarks of Leica GNSS – reliability and accuracy.


  • Leica SmartCheck – RTK data-processing to guarantee correct results
  • Leica SmartTrack – advanced four constellation tracking of all GNSS satellites today and tomorrow
  • Leica xRTK – delivers more positions in difficult environments.


Work as you want to


The Leica GS15 is designed to suit any surveying task.


  • Built-in exchangeable communication devices for field base stations and RTK rovers with removable SIM cards
  • Fully scalable sensor allows you to buy only what you need today and upgrade with additional functionality as you need it
  • Integrated web server to configure the logging of Leica or RINEX raw data and measure with one button press in the field




The Leica GS15 is built for the most demanding environments.


  • IP68 protection against dust and continuous immersion
  • Built for extreme temperatures of –40°C to +65°C
  • Integrated intenna technology to avoid breaking, losing or forgetting antenna



Weight & Dimensions
Weight (GS15) 1.34 kg
Weight 3.30 kg standard RTK rover including slot RTK device, controller, batteries pole and bracket
Dimension (GS15) (diameter x height) 196 mm x 198 mm
Environmental specifications

Temperature, operating –40° C to +65° C, compliance with ISO9022-10-08, ISO9022-11-special, MIL STD 810F – 502.4-II, MIL STD 810F – 501.4-II
Temperature, storage –40° C to +80° C, compliance with ISO9022-10-08, ISO9022-11-special, MIL STD 810F – 502.4-II, MIL STD 810F – 501.4-II
Humidity 100%, compliance with ISO9022-13-06, ISO9022-12-04 and MIL STD 810F – 507.4-I
Proof against: water, sand and dust IP68 according IEC60529 and MIL STD 810F – 506.4-I, MIL STD 810F – 510.4-I and MIL STD 810F – 512.4-I
Protected against blowing rain and dust
Protected against temporary submersion into water (max. depth 1,4 m)
Vibration Withstands strong vibration during operating, compliance with ISO9022-36-08 and MIL STD 810F – 514.5-Cat.24
Drops Withstands 1.0 m drop onto hard surfaces
Functional shock 40 g / 15 to 23 msec, compliance with MIL STD 810F – 516.5-I No loss of lock to satellite signal when used on a pole set-up and submitted to pole bumps up to 150 mm
Topple over Withstands topple over from a 2 m survey pole onto hard surfaces
Power & Electrical
Supply voltage Nominal 12 V DC
Range 10.5 – 28 V DC

Power consumption
Typically: 3.2 W, 270 mA
Internal power supply Recharge & removable LI-Ion battery, 2.6 Ah / 7.4 V, 2 batteries fit into receiver
Internal power supply, operation time • 10.00 h receiving RTK data with standard radio
• 9.00 h transmitting RTK data with standard radio
• 7.50 h RTK via GSM/GPRS connection using 2 internal batteries
External power supply Rechargeable external NiMh battery 9 Ah / 12 V
Certifications Compliance to: FCC, CE Local approvals (as IC Canada, C-Tick Australia, Japan, China)
Memory medium Removable SD Card: 1 GB
Data capacity 1 GB is typically sufficient for about GPS & GLONASS (8+4 satellites) 280 days raw data logging at 15 s rate
Data recording
Type of data Onboard recording of:
• Leica GNSS raw data
• RINEX data
Recording rate Up to 20 Hz
Buttons • ON / OFF button
• Function button
Button functionality Function button:
• Easy switch between Rover / Base mode
• Easy “Here” positioning functionality
Led status indicator Bluetooth®, position, RTK status, data logging, detailed power status
Additional user interface Additional web interface functionality provides full status indicator and configuration options
Communication ports 1 x serial RS232 Lemo
1 x USB / RS232 Lemo
1 x UART serial & USB (for removable internal RTK devices)
1 x Bluetooth® port, Bluetooth® v2.00+ EDR, class 2
No. of simultaneous data links • Up to 3 data links can be attached and used simultaneously
• 2 real-time output interfaces via independent ports, providing identical or different RTK/ RTCM formats

Built In data links
Radio modems • Fully integrated, fully sealed receive / transmit radios
• User exchangeable device
• SATEL, Pacific Crest and others
• 390 – 470 MHz bandwidth
• Transmit power: 0.5 – 1.0 W
Radio modems • Fully integrated, fully sealed receive / transmit radios
• User exchangeable device
• SATEL, Pacific Crest and others
• 390 – 470 MHz bandwidth
• Transmit power: 0.5 – 1.0 W
UHF antenna options • Fully integrated UHF antenna
• External UHF antenna connector (Type QN)
3G GSM / UMTS(HSDPA) phone modem • Fully integrated, fully sealed phone modem
• User exchangeable device
• User exchangeable SIM card
• Tri-Band UMTS / HSDPA: 850 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
• Quad-Band GSM / GPRS: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
CDMA phone modem • Fully integrated, fully sealed CDMA phone modem
• User exchangeable device
• Dual-Band CDMA 1XRTT (800 / 1900 MHz)
GSM / UMTS / CDMA antenna options • Integrated GSM / UMTS / CDMA antenna

• External GSM / UMTS / CDMA antenna connector (Type QN)

External data links
Radio modems Support of any suitable UHF / VHF radio
GSM / UMTS / CDMA phone modems Support of any suitable GSM / GPRS / UMTS / CDMA modem
Landline phone modems Support of any suitable Landline phone modem


Leica CS15 Field Controller



Designed for extreme environments, you can always rely on your CS15 and CS10 field controllers. They are comfortable to hold and easy-to-use, making them your perfect partner on site. Easy-to-use software. The Viva CS15 and CS10 controllers are perfectly designed to be used with SmartWorx Viva surveying software. With clear graphics, practical menu structures, understandable terminology and simplified workflows, save time and effort on any site. SmartWorx Viva is incredibly easy to learn and use. You and your field crew will be up to speed in no time.Work how you like Designed as part of the Leica Viva series, the CS15 and CS10 are versatile controllers to work with many instruments and software combinations: Ideal for use with all Leica Viva and Nova series total stations and GNSS sensors.Perfectly designed to be used with SmartWorx Viva surveying software.Powerful ARM core processor for many software applications. Flexible communication and data handling. Stay connected with a wide range of communication and data storage options. With fully integrated wireless Intenna technology (Bluetooth®, GSM/UMTS 3.5G, WiFi), a choice of two connector modules and data storage using an SD card or USB memory stick, your Viva CS15 and CS10 are ready for all challenges on site and in the office.



CS15 and CS10 Hardware Specifications
Operating System Windows CE 6.0
Processor Freescale i.MX31 533 MHz ARM Core
Dimensions (L x W x D) CS15: 245 x 125 x 45 mm                                                                         CS10: 200 x 102 x 45 mm
Weight CS10-560 g, CS15-710 g
Memory, Ports & Communication
System memory 512 MB DDR SDRAM
Flash storage memory 1 GB (nonvolatile NAND Flash)
Interfaces SD card slot (SDIO)                                                                                     CF Type I / II card slot                                                                                   5-pin custom connector (USB)
Commincation modules
Lemo module: Lemo (USB and serial), USB A host, 7-pin connector, power RS232 module: RS232, USB A host, USB mini AB OTG, 7-pin connector, power
Integrated wireless connectivity

Bluetooth® 2.0 Class 2                                                                         Wireless LAN 802.11b/g (option)                                                       Integrated 2.4 GHz FHSS total station radio with fully integrated internal antenna (option)
Display 640 x 480 pixel (VGA) color TFT with LED backlight and touch screen
Keypad CS15 Rubber, tactile keypad, fully illuminated                                                           65 keys, QWERTY including 12 function keys(landscape)                              12 Function Keys
Audio Integrated sealed speaker and microphone Bluetooth® audio headset support
Camera Integrated 2MP fixed focus camera
Power Management
Power Nominal 12 V DC                                                                                     Range 10.5 – 28 V D
Battery GEB212 (7.4 V / 2600 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable), removable
Battery Life 10 Hours, room temperature, depending on use of embedded devices
Battery Charging 2 Hours
Environmental Specifications
Temperature Operation: -30 to 60° C                                                                         Storage: -40 to 80° C
Dust and water IP67 (IEC 60529)
Humidity 100% condensing (MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.4-I)
Drop 1.2 m (onto plywood over concrete)
Vibration MIL-STD-810F, Method 514.5-Cat24
Application Software Viva Controller runs Leica SmartWorx Viva and SmartWorx Viva LT. In addition, a number of regional solutions are available. For more information on the field software that’s best for you, contact your local Leica authorized distribution partner.
Standard software  Internet Explorer Mobile, File Explorer, Word Mobile, Microsoft Windows Media™ Player, Camera Software, Online Help