CAT Trimble GCS900 MS990C AccuGrade GPS Grade Control System

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Caterpillar Trimble GCS900 AccuGrade GPS Grade Control System

MS990C Smart GPS Receivers (Same as Trimble MS990) & CD700 2D/3D In-Cab Display (Same as Trimble CB430) w/ TC900C 900MHz GPS Radio (Same As Trimble SNR900)

Item ID: X1095
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Caterpillar CD700 Version 11.2 2D/3D Display [ID- X1095]
* QTY. 2 Caterpillar MS990C Version 4.12 Smart Receivers [ID- X1097]
* Caterpillar TC900C 900MHz GPS Control Radio [ID- X1096]
* QTY. 2 Coil Cables P/N: 311-4862
* Bracket Assembly w/ Hardware
* User Manual On CD-ROM
* QTY. 2 Hard Carrying Cases


Caterpillar Accugrade GPS Grade Control System

The AccuGrade GPS Grade Control System is a high technology machine control and guidance system that allows dozer operators to grade with increased accuracy, without the need for survey stakes. Digital design data, in-cab operator guidance features and automatic blade controls help the operator achieve grade faster, meaning higher productivity, lower operating costs, and greater profitability.

AccuGrade GPS uses advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to deliver precise blade positioning and control information to the cab. Using machine-mounted components, an offboard GPS base station, and Real Time Kinematic positioning, GPS provides the information necessary for the system to accurately determine blade positioning with centimeter level accuracy.

The AccuGrade system computes the positioning information on the machine, compares the position of the blade relative to the design plan, and delivers that information to the operator via an in-cab display. Information such as: blade elevation; how much cut/fill is necessary to achieve grade; visual indication of the blade’s position on the design surface; and a graphical view of the design plan with machine location.

AccuGrade GPS puts all the information the operator needs to complete the job in the cab, resulting in a greater level of control. Vertical and horizontal guidance tools – in-cab display and light bars – visually  guide the operator to desired grade. Automated features allow the hydraulic system to automatically control blade lift and tilt to move the blade to grade. The operator simply uses the guidance tools to steer the machine for consistent, accurate grades and slopes all day long resulting in higher productivity with less fatigue. 

The AccuGrade GPS system is integrated into the machine electronics and hydraulic systems for optimum blade response time and maximum grade control in all conditions. The system integrated cab and joysticks allow even inexperienced operators  to produce high quality results with minimal training.

AccuGrade GPS is designed for a wide range of construction earthwork applications, from bulk clearing with high production rates to finish grading with tight tolerances. 

Flat, single and dual sloping planar designs, such as building pads, parking lots, roads and highways, can be created on-board the machine using the AccuGrade GPS system. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Increases Productivity and Efficiency
    • Increases productivity by up to 50%
    • Reduces guesswork and costly rework by moving dirt right the first time
    • Reduces survey costs up to 90%
    • Increases material utilization
    • Reduces operating costs 
    • Extends the work day
  • Assists with Labor Shortage
    • Reduces labor requirements and costs
    • Customers can get the job done quicker
    • Reduces need for staking, string lines and grade checkers
    • Empowers operator to check grade from the cab
    • Reduces labor for staking as job progresses
  • Improves Employee Satisfaction and Retention
    • In-cab display brings the design to the cab
    • Provides more responsibility and job satisfaction
    • Empowers operator with real-time results 
    • Real time feedback on progress increases job satisfaction, eliminates guesswork and reduces operator stress
    • Improves operator skills and takes performance to the next level
    • Investing in the operator provides value and trust by investing in latest technology
  • Addresses Safety Concerns
    • Removes grade stakers and checkers from the worksite and away from the heavy equipment
    • Safety Interlock ensures blade is securely locked when system is inactive
  • Increases Equipment Versatility
    • Plug and play connections allow fast, easy conversion from laser grade control system, to GPS, to manual control
    • Provides consistency and accuracy, turning your production machine into a fine grading machine
  • Integrated into Cat Machines
    • Proven, optimized on-board electronics and hydraulics systems
    • Components designed into machine to maximize reliability
    • Integration into cab and joysticks increases ease of use
    • Safety interlock (park brake, system health, idle time) increases safety

MS990C GPS Receiver

The all-new MS990C is the next generation GPS receiver designed as a modular component in the AccuGrade grade control system. Its rugged design includes features to maximize the new modernized GPS signal structure including L2C and L5 tracking capabilities. The MS990C is also able to use satellites in the GLONASS satellite constellation to augment the GPS solution and provide increased availability and up time to the operator. The MS990C includes improved technology that provided faster RTK initialization times, better tracking and accuracy characteristics over a broader range of operating environments.

TC900C Radio

The communications radio is mounted on the cab of the machine to ensure maximum signal reception. The radio receives real-time Compact Measurement Record (CMR) data from the GPS base station radio for calculating high-accuracy GPS positions. Radio broadcast frequencies work in all weather conditions. This allows AccuGrade GPS to accurately control blade operation in fog, dust and at night.

CD700 2D/3D In-Cab Display

An all-new display has a 27 percent larger screen, with a processor that is five times faster and improved display buttons. The display with keypad allows the operator to interface with the system using push buttons and a color monitor. As the machine operates the operator can view real-time information, such as machine location, blade position and elevation relative to the design plan. The system uses 3D design files that are stored on a compact flash data card and inserted into a slot next to the keypad. The new display provides improvedaccess to the data card, with a quick release door and environmentally sealed card slot.

Machine Compatibility

  • Compatibile Models
    • 12H, 120H, 135H, 14H, 140H, 143H, 16H, 160H, 163H, 14M, 16M

CD700 Display Specifications:

CD700 Display
Display screen 177.8 mm (7 in) QVGA, 480 234 pixel, LCD
Electrical input 9 to 32V DC
Network connector 39-pin
Memory drive Compact flash
Operating temperature –20° C to 80° C
–4° F to 176° F
Storage temperature –40° C to 85° C
–40° F to 185° F
Sealing IP68, sealed to 34.48 kPa (5 psi)
Width 230 mm 9.06 in
Height 170 mm 6.69 in
Depth 101 mm 3.98 in
Weight 3 kg 6.61 lb
Language capabilities English (UK & US), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese,Spanish, Swedish


MS990C Specifications:

MS990C GPS Receiver
Display screen 177.8 mm (7 in) QVGA, 480 234 pixel, LCD
Electrical input  9 to 32V DC
Network connector  39-pin
Memory drive Compact flash
Operating temperature –20° C to 80° C
–4° F to 176° F
Storage temperature –40° C to 85° C
–40° F to 185° F
Sealing IP68, sealed to 34.48 kPa (5 psi)
Width 230 mm 9.06 in
Height 170 mm 6.69 in
Depth  101 mm 3.98 in
Weight 3 kg 6.61 lb
Language capabilities Chinese, Danish, Dutch,English (UK & US), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish