Trimble S6 DR300+ 5" Robotic Autolock Total Station DR 300 Plus

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Trimble S6 DR 300+ 5-inch Robotic Total Station
- 2.4 GHz Radio
- Robotic
- Autolock
- Factory Calibrated

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* Trimble S6 DR 300+ 5" Robotic Total Station [ID- X3732]
          - 2.4 GHz Radio
          - Robotic
          - Autolock
          - Factory Calibrated
* Trimble 53018010 Battery Charger
* Trimble Prism
* QTY. 2 Trimble Wrenches 51005007
* Allen Wrench
* Antenna
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord
* User Manual On CD-ROM
* Hard Carrying Case


Trimble S6 Total Station

Powerful And Flexible
The Trimble® S6 Total Station provides the power and flexibility required by today’s Surveying Professionals. With the industry’s most advanced technology and available feature set, the Trimble S6 Total Station will meet the changing needs of your business, allowing your investment to go further.

Trimble Vision Technology
Now available with optional Trimble VISION™ technology, the Trimble S6 gives you the power to see everything the instrument sees without a trip back to the tripod. Direct your survey with live video images on the controller. Now you are free to capture measurements, to prism or reflectorless surfaces, remotely, and with point-and-click efficiency.

The on-board camera integrates surveyed data with the live scene images, so you can verify the work that you’ve done before leaving the job site. Calibrated photo documentation provides customers with deliverables they know they can trust.

Trimble DR Plus Technology
Trimble DR Plus™ range measurement technology provides extended range of Direct Reflex measurement without a prism to exceptionally long range distances. Hard-to-reach or unsafe targets are no obstacle to the Trimble S6. Trimble DR Plus, combined with MagDrive™, creates unmatched capability for quick and safe measurements, without compromising on accuracy.

Magdrive Servo Technology
The Trimble S6 Total Station redefines surveying instrument performance with unsurpassed integration of servos, angle sensors and measurement technology. The instrument’s advanced error compensation provides fast, accurate measurement every time. With smooth, silent MagDrive servo motors, the Trimble S6 offers exceptional speed.

Trimble Surepoint Accuracy Assurance
The Trimble S6 Total Station aims and stays on target through windy weather, vibrations, handling, and sinkage. Trimble SurePoint™ technology enables the Trimble S6 to actively correct for unwanted movement ensuring accurate pointing and measurement every time. Reduce aiming error, avoid costly re-measurement and be confident in your results with Trimble SurePoint.

With its exclusive MultiTrack™ technology and Target ID capabilities, surveyors can choose the type of target, passive or active, that best suits the jobsite conditions and be confident that they will find and lock to the correct target.

Eliminate Search Time With GPS Search
With GPS Search the Trimble S6 locks onto a prism in just seconds. Using a consumer grade GPS card with Bluetooth receiver or your survey grade GNSS in a Trimble I.S. rover configuration, GPS Search uses GPS positioning at the robotic rod to locate or reacquire targets rapidly. With GPS Search, waiting for target search becomes a thing of the past.

Integrated Surveying
Put the equipment in your truck or van to the best possible use by combining your GNSS with your robotic rod into a Trimble I.S. Rover™. In clear sky, enjoy the high productivity of GNSS measurements. In obstructed areas, Trimble Access seamlessly switches to optical measurements. Or collect both GNSS and optical data simultaneously for redundant results. With the Trimble I.S. Rover, you have the freedom to use the best tool for the jobsite conditions, optimizing your productivity.


  • Powerful and flexible, ready for anything
  • Trimble DR Plus technology for long range and superior accuracy
  • Unmatched fast and smooth performance with MagDrive servo technology
  • Trimble SurePoint accuracy assurance automatically corrects instrument pointing


Angle measurement
Sensor type Absolute encoder with diametrical reading
Accuracy (Standard deviation based on DIN 18723) 5" (1.5 mgon)
Angle Display (least count) 0.1" (0.01 mgon)
Automatic level compensator
Type Centered dual-axis
Accuracy 0.5" (0.15 mgon)
Range ± 5.4' (±100 mgon)
Distance measurement
Accuracy (RMSE)
Prism mode

2 mm + 2 ppm (0.0065 ft + 2 ppm)
Standard deviation according to ISO17123-4 1 mm + 2 ppm (0.003 ft + 2 ppm)
Tracking 4 mm + 2 ppm (0.013 ft + 2 ppm)
DR mode
Standard 2 mm + 2 ppm (0.0065 ft + 2 ppm)
Tracking 4 mm + 2 ppm (0.013 ft + 2 ppm)
Measuring time
Prism mode
Standard 1.2 sec
Tracking 0.4 sec
DR mode
Standard 1–5 sec
Tracking 0.4 sec
Prism mode (under standard clear conditions)
1 prism 2500 m (8202 ft)
1 prism Long Range mode 5500 m (18,044 ft) (max. range)
Shortest range 0.2 m (0.65 ft)
DR mode Good
(Good visibility, low ambient light)
(Normal visibility, moderate sunlight, some heat shimmer)
(Haze, object in direct sunlight, turbulence)
white card (90% reflective) 1,300 m (4,265 ft) 1,300 m (4,265 ft) 1,200 m (3,937 ft)
Gray card (18% reflective) 600 m (1,969 ft) 600 m (1,969 ft) 550 m (1,804 ft)
Shortest range 1 m (3.28 ft)
DR Ranges (typically)
Concrete 600 m–800 m (1968–2624 ft)
Wood construction 400 m–800 m (1312–2624 ft)
Metal construction 400 m–500 m (1312–1640 ft)
Light rock 400 m–600 m (1312–1968 ft)
Dark rock 300 m–400 m (984–1312 ft)
Reflective foil 20 mm 1000 m (3280 ft)
DR Extended Range Mode
White Card (90% reflective) 2000 m–2200 m
Gray Card (18% reflective) 900 m–1000 m
Accuracy 10 mm + 2 ppm (0.033 ft + 2 ppm)
Chip Color Digital Image Sensor
Resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Focal length 23 mm (0.07 ft)
Depth of field 3 m to infinity (9.84 ft to infinity)
Field of view 16.5° x 12.3° (18.3 gon x 13.7 gon)
Digital zoom 4-step (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x)
Exposure Automatic
Brightness User-definable
Contrast User-definable
Image storage Up to 2048 x 1536 pixels
File format JPEG
EDM Specifications
Light source Pulsed laserdiode 905 nm, Laser class 1
Laser pointer coaxial (standard) Laser class 2
Beam divergence
Horizontal 4 cm/100 m (0.13 ft/328 ft)
Vertical 8 cm/100 m (0.26 ft/328 ft)
Atmospheric correction –130 ppm to 160 ppm continuously
Circular level in tribrach 8'/2 mm (8'/0.007 ft)
Servo system MagDrive servo technology, integrated servo/angle sensor electromagnetic direct drive
Rotation speed 115 degrees/sec (128 gon/sec)
Rotation time Face 1 to Face 2 2.6 sec
Positioning time 180 degrees (200 gon) 2.6 sec
Clamps and slow motions Servo-driven, endless fine adjustment
Centering system Trimble 3-pin
Optical plummet Built-in optical plummet
Magnification/shortest focusing distance 2.3×/0.5 m–infinity (1.6 ft–infinity)
Magnification 30×
Aperture 40 mm (1.57 in)
Field of view at 100 m (328 ft) 2.6 m at 100 m (8.5 ft at 328 ft)
Shortest focusing distance 1.5 m (4.92 ft)–infinity
Illuminated crosshair Variable (10 steps)
Tracklight built in Not available in all models
Operating temperature –20 ºC to +50 ºC (–4 ºF to +122 ºF)
Dust and water proofing IP55
Humidity 100% condensing
Power supply
Internal battery Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 11.1 V, 5.0 Ah
Operating time
One internal battery Approx. 6.5 hours
Three internal batteries in multi-battery adapter Approx. 20 hours
Robotic holder with one internal battery 13.5 hours
Operating time for video robotic
One battery 5.5 hours
Three batteries in multi-battery adapter 17 hours
Instrument (servo/Autolock) 5.15 kg (11.35 lb)
Instrument (Robotic) 5.25 kg (11.57 lb)
Trimble CU controller 0.4 kg (0.88 lb)
Tribrach 0.7 kg (1.54 lb)
Internal battery 0.35 kg (0.77 lb)
Trunnion axis height 196 mm (7.71 in)
Communication USB, Serial, Bluetooth®
Robotic Surveying
Autolock and Robotic Range
Passive prisms 500 m–700 m (1,640–2,297 ft)
Trimble MultiTrack Target 800 m (2,625 ft)
Autolock pointing precision at 200 m (656 ft) (Standard deviation)
Passive prisms <2 mm (0.007 ft)
Trimble MultiTrack Target 800 m (2,625 ft)
Autolock pointing precision at 200 m (656 ft) (Standard deviation)
Passive prisms <2 mm (0.007 ft)
Trimble MultiTrack Target <2 mm (0.007 ft)
Shortest search distance 0.2 m (0.65 ft)
Type of radio internal/external 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping, spread-sprectrum radios
Search time (typical) 2–10 sec