Topcon GPT-9005A 5" Robotic Total Station

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Topcon GPT-9005A 5-inch Robotic Total Station
 - 2.4 GHz Radio

Item ID: X3606-L/T*
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


* Topcon GPT-9005A 5" Second Robotic Total Station [ID- X3606-L/T*]
         - 2.4 GHz Radio
* Topcon Battery Charger BC-300
* Battery Pack
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord
* Hard Carrying Case



Topcon GPT-9005A 5" Robotic Total Station Installed Options

- 2.4 GHz Radio
- Firmware Version 2.3
- Calibrated By A Topcon Certified Service Center



Topcon GPT-9005A Total Station
The way we work is constantly changing. Adopting and utilizing the very best technology innovations for your business enables you to increase your productivity and profitability like never before. Robotic instrument technology and the significant performance advantages it can offer have changed the way topography and layout tasks are completed worldwide.

Faster, Lighter, Smaller - That’s what the new GPT-9000A series promises … and that’s what Topcon delivers. With a modern, cable-free design, the GPT-9000A series offers the most advanced robotic technology available. From Topcon, the world leader in optical total station technology. Our GPT-9000A series robotic system features sophisticated technology unique to Topcon – our one-touch quick lock feature that set the standard in Robotic target acquisition has taken another step forward, with the sleek new RC-3 system. Available in 1, 3, and 5 second angle accuracies, you can select the instrument that best fits your requirements. All GPT-9000A series robotic systems offer reflectorless measurement superior to any other instrument available capable of precision measurements at a mind-boggling 2000 meters!

Packed with a wide variety of advanced technologies, the Topcon GPT-9000A series robotic total station demonstrates why Topcon continues to be the world’s leader in precision survey instrumentation:

  • Innovative, completely cable-free system design
  • Superior X-TRAC™ Quick-Lock tracking technology
  • Full-colour, graphical Windows CE® instrument & field controller interface
  • The most advanced, longest range, and most powerful reflectorless technology available
  • Integrated interference free 2.4 GHz SpSp robotic data communications
  • Field Scan Imaging ready.

X-TRACK™ Technology

  • Instantaneous re-acquisition of target lock
  • Third generation of Topcon‘s World‘s first Quick-Lock technology
  • Combined Quick-Lock and IR communication technology

Advanced System Design

  • Completely cable-free instrument and rover
  • Integrated graphical Windows colour touch screen interface
  • New, ultra-fast robotic servo technology

Integrated Radio System

  • 2.4 GHz interference free Spread Spectrum Radio
  • Integrated into side panel of the instrument


  • Innovative, completely cable-free design
  • Superior X-TRAC™ Quick-Lock tracking technology
  • Advanced, long range reflectorlessEDM technology
  • Integrated interference free 2.4 GHz SpSp robotic data communications
  • Full-colour, graphical Windows CE® instrument & field controller interface


Method Absolute Reading
Minimum Reading 0,2 / 1 mgon
1” / 5”
Accuracy 1,5 mgon / 5”
Compensating Range ±6‘
Prism Mode
Range 1 / 3 / 9 prism


3000 m / 4000 m / 5000 m

±(2 mm + 2 ppmxD*) m.s.e.
Non-Prism Mode
Short Range


Long Range


1,5 m - 250 m

±5 mm m.s.e

5,0 m - 2000 m

±(10 mm + 10 ppmxD*) m.s.e
Laser Class Class 1 (IEC publication 825)
Tracking Speed 15°/sec
Tracking Range 1000 m (with standard prism)
Rotating Speed 85°/sec
OS Microsoft Windows CE®.NET 4.2
Processor Intel PXA255 400 MHz
Screen Full colour touch-screen
Communication distance about 1000 m
Laser pointer LD (visible laser)



Topcon FC-200 Data Collector

Field Data Comes Alive

If you are looking for a rugged, compact field controller that provides big-time results, look no further than Topcon’s FC-200. The FC-200 provides advanced software functions such as the large key pop-up keyboard for data entry and incorporates the graphical Windows® CE.NET 5.0 operating system on a crisp, bright, color touch screen display. Watch your field data come alive with Topcon’s FC-200.

Expandability Made Easy
Topcon knows that expandability is important to professionals in the field. The FC-200 allows quick and easy access to SD and CF card slots for data transfer and exchange with other devices. No tools or extra process is needed to access these card slots. In addition, with Bluetooth® wireless technology built-in to the FC-200, the CF card slot remains open for expanded memory.

Removable Robotic Radio
The FC-200 can mount an RS-1 robotic radio on the back of the unit. This compact addition makes the FC-200 the perfect controller for our robotic series of instruments.


  • Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Ultra-bright, TFT, color touch screen display
  • Windows® CE.NET 5.0 operating system
  • Internal WiFi Optional
  • Easy access Compact Flash and SD Media card slots deliver memory expansion and connectivity options
  • 520MHz XScale processor
  • Removable, Robotic Radio
  • 128/256MB SDRAM, 256/512MB Flash ROM


Microprocessor Intel PXA270 XScale
Processor Speed 520MHz
Operating System Windows® CE.NET 5.0
Memory 128/256MB SDRAM
256/512MB Flash ROM
Card Slot

RS-232C (D-sub 9)
USB rev 1.1 (Type Mini-B and Type A)
Compact Flash (Type I/II)
Bluetooth Capable Yes
Wireless LAN Yes (optional)
Display 320 x 240 QVGA (portrait)
Color Sunlight Readable TFT
Backlight Backlight (LED)
Keyboard 7 key w/smart keyboard
External Power Yes
Audio Sealed Speaker (mono)
Sealed Microphone Yes
Environmental IP-66
Operating Temperature -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C)
Dimensions 7.72 in. x 4.21 in. x 2.40 in. (196x107x61mm)
Weight 1.6 lbs (720g) (includes batteries)
Batteries Removable Li-ION rechargeable
Operation 15+ Hrs Single batt (normal use)